Toolkit For Promoting Events

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This event promotion pack is ideal for anyone keen to spread the word about their event far and wide.

Whether you’re a full-time events manager, a marketing executive or someone looking to promote your own events, this pack will give you the knowledge, skills and resources required to get your event noticed by the right people in the right places.  

According to a recent Event Industry Report by Eventbrite, 77% of event organisers in the past year had a dedicated budget for promoting their event, with the average budget increasing year on year by 13% to £4,914. With this much money being spent on event promotion, it’s important that you use the most effective strategies to ensure a valuable return on investment.

The report by Eventbrite also revealed that 53% of event organisers use 3 – 4 different marketing channels when promoting their event, with a further 32% using over 5 different marketing channels. It’s clear that the more marketing channels you use, the further the reach of your event promotion. We have created several resources to help you hit as many marketing channels as possible as well as providing some expert advice from those within the events industry.

How to Promote Your Event

While there are no set rules for promoting your event, there certainly are some best practices which will ensure you are on the right track. The key to success is to be organised well in advance so that you can start promoting your event as early as possible. But event promotion doesn’t stop when the day of the event arrives. You want as many people as possible to be talking about your event on the day, and it’s just as important to follow up with attendees after the event to maximise your data and ensure future events are even more successful.