Conferences Insurance

A Bespoke Policy for Organisers of Conferences

Whether you’re organising a conference, lecture, meeting or seminar, we can tailor a package to your needs.

Your conference is an opportunity for you to display your business knowledge, network with new contacts and show your organisation skills. If things go wrong, you’re going to need a backup plan.

What is provided with a conference insurance policy?

From single public liability cover to the full package; cancellation, abandonment or postponement cover, equipment cover and employers liability. We can also cover you for adverse weather conditions.

When you’ve got a lot of people counting on you, the last thing you want is to have the worry of potential mishaps, we’re here to ease your mind and burden the worry.

We can also provide insurance for individual exhibitors or any stallholders you may have at your conference.

A policy designed for Conference organisers providing cover from as little as £52. 

Conferences insurance cover options can include

  • Public Liability Cover
  • Employer's Liability
  • Conference Equipment Cover
  • Cancellation, Postponement or Abandonment Cover
  • Adverse Weather cover is included as standard for Cancellation
  • Non-Appearance Extensions avaliable