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Affordable and reliable street party insurance cover for public street parties celebrating special occasions. 

All across the UK during the summer months, neighbours join together in street parties to celebrate various significant events across the country, encouraging community spirit. Street parties aren't just for adults though, and 'play out' parties for children are becoming increasingly popular. Play out groups, or 'street play' parties, involve closing a street so that the children of the neighbourhood can play together safely, but these events may still need insurance.


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Street Party Insurance

Whether you’re celebrating a royal event like the King's Coronation, throwing a street play party for the children or just building a community spirit, street parties are great fun for everyone when run properly.

There’s a lot of planning that goes into organising a street party or street play, but you can never predict accidents. Our street party insurance policy offers event organisers peace of mind in case the unforeseeable happens, so that they are financially covered if any claims are made against them for public injuries or damage to property caused by negligence.

Your demands and needs

Our street party insurance meets the demands and needs of those who wish to insure their organisation of a street party for public liability, whether they’re organising a celebration of a sporting event or simply getting the neighbourhood together to encourage some community spirit.

You should read and check all insurance documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits and other terms that apply to your specific circumstances.

What's included in the Street Party Insurance Policy?

The policy will cover you from public liability which is a huge risk at street parties where so many people come together in a small space - after all, accidents can happen anywhere and at any moment. Not only will this protection give you reassurance, councils and landowners really appreciate this higher level of indemnity.

You can also add additional cover offering employer’s liability, event equipment, cancellation, abandonment or postponement and adverse weather conditions cover.  

Street Play Insurance

When parents and communities come together to create a play out group for the local children, it's wise to consider insurance to protect the public and volunteers involved in the play out group. Our public liability and employer liability policies will financially cover the organisers against liability for injury or damage to property during the street party. 

We have separate policies for celebrations and parties if you are throwing a more private event. We even have a specific fireworks policy if you are including a firework display at your street party and if you have any performers, bands or DJs booked, we can provide full insurance for them too. 

Street Party Insurance FAQ

What is a street party?

A street party involves members of a community celebrating an event together outside on the street. Typically, street parties are organised by local residents for their neighbours and may involve entertainment (such as performers), food and drink. These types of neighbourhood gatherings (including street play parties for children) are not advertised to the public outside of the community and usually involve closing a street so that people can gather together safely. 

Street party insurance is a type of financial cover for those organising community events so that they are not liable for any damage to property or public injuries during the event. 

Do you need insurance to have a street party? 

Whilst you don’t always need street party insurance, organisers are advised to consider getting financial cover for protection in the event that a claim is made against them - otherwise, you may end up having to pay out of your own pocket which can be very costly! In some cases, councils will insist on getting street party insurance, for example, they may require it if you are requesting temporary road closures, but it is more affordable than you think. See a breakdown of our covers and premiums here.

How do I get street party insurance? 

We have made the process of getting street party insurance simple so that you can get the cover you need, hassle free! All you need to do is visit our get a quote page and enter your details, provide us with some information about your event and the level of street party insurance you need. You will then be given a quote or can make a purchase of your chosen policy online. Please bear in mind that depending on the complexity of your event, our specialist underwriters may need to conduct a review before you can purchase an insurance policy.


If you would like any more information regarding the process of how to get street party insurance, please do contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you. 



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