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Sending out a press release to relevant publications can get your event some valuable publicity.

While some newspapers and other publications will allow you to post your event on their site anyway (see our event promotion directory below), getting a story published about the event would get it some extra attention. There are three basic rules you should stick to when sending out your press release:


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1. Personalise your press release

Journalists and editors receive a lot of emails each day from people hoping to get their stories published. If you don’t take a personalised approach, you may not capture their attention and will miss your opportunity. Do some research and at least find out the name of the person you are contacting and try to include some reasons why the story is perfect for their publication and relevant to their audience.

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2. Have an enticing hook

You can’t just write about how great you think your event is going to be and expect it to get published. You need a juicy hook that will make your story a more attractive offering to editors. Are you doing anything for charity? Is there a local community angle you can use? Are there any shocking statistics coming out of your event? If you can find that hook, you’re more likely to engage the audience and get published.

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3. Make it easy for them

Finally, don’t expect the editor or journalist to put in any ground work. You want to serve your press release up on a silver platter, ready for them to publish. Attach your press release in a Word Document, PDF and paste it into the body of your email so they have multiple ways to access it. Make sure spelling, grammar and styling are all on point and remember to attach a high-quality image which can be published alongside the article. Leave a note to editors containing any additional information and all your contact details. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to run the story.

As a bonus tip, try using more than one form of communication to get your story in front of the right eyes. Send it by email, pick up the phone and don’t let yourself be ignored!