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Once the event is over, you don’t want people to just forget about it straight away.

The promotion work is far from over as you need to remind attendees of what they experienced on the day and get people who didn’t attend to kick themselves for missing out!

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Blogging and Image Galleries

Now is the time to start blogging and telling the story of your event. Don’t just send out one blog and leave it at that, create a series of blogs or richer content such as slideshows, videos or infographics detailing different parts of your event. Include mentions of specific attendees and they will be more likely to share your blogs. You can schedule these blogs to be published for weeks to come, ensuring the impact of your event continues long after the event itself.

You might have had a photographer at your event, or perhaps you were taking photos yourself or encouraging attendees to do so and then post them on social media. Gather these images together and create an image gallery on your website. People are keen to engage with this type of rich media and will be eager to see if they are in any of the photos! 

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Social Media

Once again, social media is ideal for continuing to promote your event once it’s over. You can reach out to individual attendees, engage with anyone who used your events hashtag and push out any relevant information regarding your event (e.g. competition winners). Social media also gives you an opportunity to thank any contributors or attendees publicly. 

If you are producing any blog content regarding your event or image galleries, social media is a great place to promote it. Don’t be afraid to tag people who you think it might interest and continue using your events hashtag after the event. 

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A follow up email to the people who attended your event will allow you to continue contact and provide them with personalised information about the event they attended as well as a reminder for future events. You might have captured more data at your event, so be sure to add these people to your mailing list. Again, if you have created blogs or photo galleries, you should share them via this follow up email. 

Email can again be used to contact those who didn’t manage to attend your event with a personalised message, letting them know what they missed out on at the event. You want to be careful not to seem like you are spamming people though, so don’t overdo it and give people the opportunity to unsubscribe.