16 August 2019

Events and the Environment

Climate change is already a hot topic, and with so many events being out on location surrounded by "nature", how can event organisers contribute to keeping a green globe?
12 July 2019

Ringwood Carnival

Event Insurance is proud to announce their sponsorship of Ringwood Carnival, an event that is very close to us; locationally and emotionally.
27 June 2019

UK Pride Events

In the months of June, July and August people from all across the UK celebrate Pride by taking part in celebrations, parades, and events all centering around LGBT culture. But what pride events in the UK are the ones to watch?
14 June 2019

Becoming an Event Food Vendor

Hot food providers will always be popular at events. And with a world of different cuisines to inspire you, making sure you stand you from the masses must be your priority.
02 May 2019

Make your exhibition stand stand out

Standing out at an exhibition can be hard, particularly when you are surrounded by like-minded vendors all providing a similar service.
05 March 2019

Insurance for Events in Canada and the USA

The world of events is complicated, to say the least, and with the market expanding at a very fast rate, a world of opportunities are opening up for those who plan to hold events on a global scale.
04 April 2019

Top 5 things couples should be asking wedding venues

Picking your venue is always going to be a hard task, imagining what the location will look like on your big day filled with your family and friends. Does the place have its own in-house caterer and does it fit the aesthetic that you always dreamed of.
14 February 2019

A Valentines Proposal

Many people choose the month of february to make the most important decision of their life and with the high street shops, television and radio reminding you that it's valentine's day, why not celebrate in the most poignant way and take the big leap.
07 February 2019

The Rise of Youtube Stars at Events

We live in a digital age and there is so much going on around the world, with the aid of a smartphone, it is easier to stay connected and in the loop than ever before.
28 January 2019

Insuring Events Over Winter

Event organisers have to put a lot of brain power into making their events new, different, and consumer friendly.


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