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10 September 2020

How event photographers can adapt post COVID-19

COVID-19 caused an unpredictable block in the road for many industries, from travel to retail, but one industry that’s been impacted that people often forget about is the creative industries. This includes photography, and event photographers most of all. So what have event photographers been doing to adapt to these unprecedented times?
11 August 2020

How Insurance Brokers can keep their audience engaged

For many different industries, including the many retail, financial and commercial businesses out there, one of the biggest considerations that needs to be made is the approach to branding, and how a brand builds positive customer relationships and long term engagement. 
01 September 2020

How to organise a pop-up event

Pop-up events are rising in popularity, and they have been for some time now. With all sorts of businesses trying to get in on the action, from start-ups to established brands launching new products. These exclusive and temporary events are a fantastic way to attract an audience and create a buzz in the marketplace, even on a limited budget!
25 June 2020

Celebrating Pride at Home

You don’t need to put your plans on hold because of lockdown. Why not revisit the way you celebrate Pride by following these top tips for celebrating Pride from the comfort of your own home.
21 July 2020

The Rise of Drive-In Events

While drive-in events have recently seen a surge in popularity due to the pandemic, they have been around for a very long time, particularly in North America as a form of entertainment - with varying degrees of popularity over the years.
19 June 2020

Social Media and Event Marketing

The growing use of technology and mobile device has led to an increase in the second screen, commonly known as social media. To give you a brief context, nearly 50% of the world's total population uses social media. That’s over 3.7 billion active social media users worldwide, as of 2020.
29 May 2020

Video Marketing and Events

Due to the advancement in technologies and opportunities, various event marketers are facing new challenges and competition in this digital world.
22 May 2020

Hosting a Successful Digital Event

With the Coronavirus outbreak resulting in a lockdown of global economies, from the United States to many European and Asian countries, major events and conferences have either been cancelled, postponed, or switched over to a digital platform.
12 June 2020

Plastic Free Events

Plastic Pollution has become one of the most persistent environmental problems that have grown multi-folds due to the increase in consumption and the number of plastics produced daily.
15 May 2020

Virtual and Online Events

Since COVID-19 took hold of the world and impacted not only our day to day lives, but also how businesses run, we have all had to adjust to a new way of life for the time being.
04 May 2020

Planning Ahead for 2021

As most people know, meticulous planning and preparation is the key to success, and with more free time on your hands than usual, why not channel your time into making your 2021 events better than ever.
27 April 2020

Virtual Events to Enjoy at Home

With the restrictions still in place across the UK, organisers are looking for new ways to bring the events to you at home. We explore some of the virtual events that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.
07 April 2020

Event Gamification

For those regularly attending events, it can sometimes be a relatively repetitive and monotonous experience for them, going through he motions of collecting brochures, branded pens, USB drives and talking to company representatives.
28 February 2020

Preparing for Rain at Your Event

Don’t let rainy weather put a dampener on your event. There are many things you can do to ensure success in all the right ways so that the show goes on, whatever the weather.
05 March 2020

Information about Coronavirus and Insurance for Events

With the Coronavirus making headlines across the world, we wanted to provide event organisers some key information in relation to some of our insurance policies, as well as some things you can do as an event organiser to raise awareness and reduce the risk of the virus spreading
04 February 2020

Event Technology Trends of 2020

In the constantly changing world of events, it is crucial to stay ahead of the technological curve. What was in last year can quickly become old hat, and what’s to come might be a complete surprise.
16 January 2020

Planning for events and things that could go wrong

Sometimes, no matter how well organised or planned an event is, things go wrong. Whether it’s technology that lets you down, or simple human error, these things just happen from time to time.

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