23 March 2018

Royal Weddings Through The Years

With only 8 weeks to go until the wedding of Prince Harry and Ms Meghan Markle, its impossible to ignore the sense of anticipation that is building throughout the country.
01 March 2018

Planning Your Proposal

Now that we are finally out of the cold snap and spring is very much on the horizon, many people choose magical months such as February and March as the ideal time to propose to the one they love.
28 November 2017

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Are you proactively managing your business's reputation? We have advice and guidance on how to handle your reputation management strategy within our whitepaper - A Guide To Growing Your Reputation.
06 September 2017

An Introductory Guide To Setting Up A Market Stall

After being to some of the best markets and events the summer has to offer, tasted some great foods, bought some jewellery and seen some great homemade pieces on some of the stalls at the event, maybe you now feel inspired to showcase and sell some of your own products on a stall of your very own.
08 August 2017

An Engagement Of Our Very Own

I had pictured the moment a 100 times in my head, what I was going to say, where I wanted to say it, all to make sure it was moment never to forget. However, none of that really prepared me for the emotional roller-coaster that I was going to experience when popping the question.
03 August 2017

Top Tips for getting Event Insurance

You’ve found a great location, spent countless hours pulling your hair out to find the perfect name for your festival. You have organised a line-up that is going to get the crowd partying and you can feel the excitement building from all the chatter across the internet. You take a look at what else needs to be done on the checklist and you notice a small squiggle lacking that same enthusiasm that you put into formulating all your other ideas on the page…. insurance!
25 July 2017

Tracey Explains About The Confusing World of Cost & Expenses and Gross Revenue Cover

As one of the Key Account Manager here at Event Insurance, I work with a lot of our larger event clients and brokers. There is one question in particular that often comes up that can cause a bit of confusion, and this is what the difference between Costs & Expenses or Gross Revenue Cover. I thought it would be useful to provide an overview to explain the 2 types of cover, which I hope will make it a bit clearer and ease some of that confusion
18 July 2017

Crime of the moment

Events Insurance Financial Director, Paul Telling, highlights some of the common mistakes that SME's make when it comes to cyber security. With significant penalties for companies who don't do enough to protect themselves, here are some simple and inexpensive things you can do to change your approach to cyber security.
18 May 2017

The Event Promotion Toolkit

We understand the amount of work that is required to make your event a success. With so many elements to consider, the promotion of your event may not get the attention it needs, that is why we have created The Event Promotion Toolkit.
22 February 2017

National Wedding Show Launches Own Brand Wedding Insurance

Event Insurance Services, the UK’s leading provider of event insurance, has today announced the launch of a white label deal with Ocean Media, to provide own brand wedding insurance for the National Wedding Show.
09 February 2017

New Venture with Trinity

We are delighted to be working closely with Trinity, a specialist insurer for the Armed Forces, that was founded in 2000, to add wedding insurance to their range of insurance products that have been designed especially for military personnel.
27 October 2016

Organising a Fireworks Display: The Ultimate Checklist

Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night, is one of the most popular times for a firework display, with 20 million people estimated to attend a firework display during November. Fireworks can be enjoyed all year round, adding an impressive finish to any event, but they need to be planned responsibly.
26 August 2016

Happy Birthday To Us!

It's our 20th birthday, we can't quite believe it - Happy Birthday to us! Can you remember what you were doing in 1996?! This post is a light-hearted look back across the last 20 years and how Event Insurance Services has grown into the market leading provider of Event Insurance
09 June 2016

How To Organise A Family Friendly Event

In recent years, the number of festivals aimed at families has continued to grow. But catering to the needs of the whole family - from parents to teenagers to toddlers - can be a challenge for event organisers. This article will give you some top tips to make sure your family orientated event is as fun as possible - for all the family!
18 May 2016

How To Stand Out At A Music Event

How can a musician, band or performer create an impact in the increasingly busy UK festival scene? This article has some great pointers on how to increase engagement with your audience, and give you some added presence in front of festival organisers.
09 May 2016

Do I need my own event insurance, if the venue is already covered?

When you organise your own event, its very likely that your chosen venue will ask you to organise your own Public Liability Insurance. This article explains why its vital that you have your own event insurance, despite the fact that the venue themselves may already have their own insurance.
04 May 2016

Event Insurance Launch Revamped Wedding Policy

Event Insurance Services are delighted to announce the launch of an enhanced wedding policy, to include worldwide cover for overseas weddings, as well as the inclusion of both Personal Accident cover and Legal Expenses.
25 April 2016

The Best of the Summer Festivals

Pick the best possible date for your own event this year by making sure you avoid the major UK festivals - here is our rundown of the 2016 Festival Calendar.
04 February 2016

5 Ways To Raise Your Game As An Event Planner

The organisation of any event - no matter the size - can be daunting. It requires a lot of patience, determination and hard work. Here's just a few things to think about whilst organising your own event.
19 February 2016

The Business Show - Behind the UK's Biggest Conference

The Business Show in London in the UK’s biggest conference and it takes a lot of work to organise such a huge event. We take a look at what is involved and what would need to be covered by insurance for such a large scale event.
19 November 2015

Mission Christmas

Did you know that one in three children are living in poverty in our local area?
21 October 2015

The Ultimate Fireworks Safety guide

The time is nearly upon us to crook our necks and stare up into the night sky exclaiming enthusiastically 'Oooooooo' & 'Ahhhhhhh' as we watch bright lights and colour and transform the November sky.
24 April 2015

7 Top Tips For Organising A Street Party

As the sun starts to shed the clouds and gloom of its winter attire and Britain starts getting its yearly dose of summer fever it’s the ideal time to start planning this year’s festivals and parties.
19 March 2015

Tips For An Eggstra Special Easter

Easter is an excellent excuse to grab some family time and we’ve decided to make a list of family friendly activities sure to get you in that springtime mood.
20 February 2015

Confex 2015

We have recently returned from an exhaustingly exciting day at the International Confex show in London. I have decided to take a break from sifting through the bags of contact details and free goodies we were given by all the lovely people we met, to quickly document just how inspiring the show itself and the exhibitors were.
11 February 2015

Five Great Proposal Ideas For This Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air and it’s the perfect time of year to start planning that big moment. These days coming up with a truly unique or individual proposal idea can be incredibly daunting but we’re hoping we can serve up a few inspiring ideas that will help you plan your own perfect proposal.
27 January 2015

Stall & Craft Collective

Stall & Craft Collective was dreamt up in early 2013 by husband and wife team, Mark and Helen.
22 December 2014

Festive proposals

Imagine the scene, its Christmas day, the atmosphere is a hive of festive activity; children are diving into their stockings, loved ones are embracing each other while the kitchen is a place of chaos & order all in the space of one room.
30 December 2014

New Years Eve celebrations

For some, New Year's Eve is the biggest night of the year, all days that come before lead up to this momentous night.
02 December 2014

Christmas in January

‘There just aren’t enough days in the month of December!’
27 November 2014

Becoming an affiliate

As one of the UK's leading event insurers we see firsthand on a day to day basis the devastating effect a potential mishap can have on any event, not to mention the possibility of the entire cancellation.
28 October 2014

Case Study - Pentillie Castle

It’s your special day, the day you’ve been planning for months. You’re all dressed, make up done, bridesmaids shedding tears over how beautiful you look, you’re ready to walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’ in your dream venue.
28 October 2014

Remember, Remember the 5th November

As we all know, fireworks night is a tradition which dates back to the start of the 1600’s when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot, was arrested while guarding explosives planted underneath the House of Lords.
10 October 2014

2015 Shows

‘We’ve got loads of time before our event; we don’t need to sort out our insurance policy yet’. Time has a tendency of creeping up on you when you’re not looking.
26 September 2014

Tailored Solutions

'But my event doesn’t fall within your guidelines; does that mean I need to shop elsewhere for my policy?
18 September 2014

Indian Summer

'I thought summer was all over?' Think again. It’s the middle of September but according to the met office, temperatures are continuing to climb.
05 September 2014

Same Sex Weddings

All over the world, same sex marriage is and has always been a political, social, human rights and civil rights issue, as well as a religious issue.
01 September 2014

Performers Insurance

‘But all I’m doing is singing at a wedding, why do I need insurance?’
22 August 2014

Sand and Sky Events in August

The last weekend in August sees the Air Festival come to Bournemouth for the 7th consecutive year.
14 July 2014

Do I need insurance for a party?

A question that regularly arises from callers is "Do I need insurance for a party?" and while the answer is probably 'Yes' there are a raft of options that you may want to include depending on the size, location and type of party.
14 June 2014

World Cup - Party Time

So, it's finally here! The flags are flying above houses and whipping in the wind on car wing mirrors. The much heralded Brazilian World Cup has begun and as ever the English need little excuse to party!
29 April 2014

Weather to Insure

With the UK having faced its worst winter for 250 years, how many venues are going to be fit for purpose? Organisers are now looking towards difficult decisions. What cover do I need and what cover is available. Tread carefully...
18 March 2014

Wedding Insurance... Why?

Disposable income or borrowed finances, who can honestly afford to gamble with the cost of an average wedding?
12 February 2014

How to Organise an Event - Part 4: On the Day

Be sure to arrive early to the venue with your team members and volunteers who should all be wearing distinct clothing, a badge, or something noticeable so that participants can find help if needed. Check the basics like power, water, electronic equipment, etc is in working order.
05 February 2014

A Valentines Day Party?

There seem to be two views on Valentines’ Day. Some people find it all a bit commercial and forced, with constant high street store and TV reminders - a feeling we can probably all relate to on occasions (did you know that in 2010, Hallmark sold 5 billion Valentine cards?). Then there are those that embrace it all, go for everything on offer, and really treat that special person.
12 October 2014

Daniel and Jenna's Wedding

Daniel Hudson and Jenna Booth had been planning their wedding day since 2008 and their hearts were set on tying the knot in the stunning setting of Caverswall Castle in Staffordshire on Friday 25th March.


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