Do I need insurance for a fundraising event?

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Planning a fundraising event? Find out whether you need to take out insurance as a charity event organiser and what claims you should be prepared for.

Do I need insurance for a fundraising event?

Whilst you’re not legally obligated to have public liability insurance for your event in the UK, some third-party venues may require you to have it (for example, a partner you’re working with, council or venue could request it). That said, even if you aren’t legally obligated to get insurance for your fundraising event, it’s well worth considering. Accidents can happen at any event and things won’t always go to plan, but if you have charity event insurance, you can protect yourself from public liability and costly claims made by third-parties. 

At first, it may seem illogical to spend more money on a charity event which is designed to raise money, not spend it. However, should something go wrong at your fundraising event, your charity could end up at a bigger loss.

In this article, we’ll outline what types of claims you could expect at a fundraising event and what you can do to protect yourself as an event organiser. 

What claims should you be prepared for?


As an event organiser, you’re responsible for ensuring that your event is as safe as possible for your attendees. Sadly, you won’t be able to predict everything that could happen on the day - something as small as someone tripping over a loose cable could lead to a costly claim. There are of course more serious injuries that could be sustained at an event (such as a stage collapsing) and legal action may be taken from those injured.

People who you employ to work at your event (whether they’re paid or unpaid) shouldn’t be forgotten either. You can also get employer’s liability cover which will cover you for injuries to members of staff who were under your control or supervision at the time.

Without having public liability insurance in place, you may be held liable for claims made against you and your charity, potentially costing you thousands of pounds. 

Damage to third party property 

Charity fundraisers often take place in a third-party venue. Whether you’re organising a jumble sale in a village hall or you’re planning a music event in a public space, there is always a risk that third-party property could be damaged. For example, a window could be smashed or the fixtures and fittings of the venue could become damaged, such as when moving tables and chairs. The last thing you want is for the money you raise for your charity to end up being spent on repairs if the event is found to be at fault. 

In order to fully protect yourself as an organiser of fundraising events, you’ll need public liability cover.

You may also wish to get additional cover for your event, including:

  • Event equipment cover - this will cover you for accidental damage, loss or theft of event equipment you’re responsible for at the event (whether this is leased, hired or owned). Equipment such as speakers or laptops could easily get damaged and could cost thousands of pounds to repair or replace.

  • Event cancellation, abandonment or postponement cover - this will cover you for irrecoverable costs relating to unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or postponement of your event due to reasons beyond your control. After all the hard work you put into organising your event, the last thing you want is for it not to go ahead and still pay the price of booked entertainment, food vendors, the venue and more.

Why public liability insurance is important at charity events

Public liability insurance can cover you for accidental bodily injury or death to a member of the public as well as damage or loss to third-party property. By taking out public liability insurance for charity events, you can benefit from:

  • Having peace of mind on the day of the event, allowing you to focus on the event itself.

  • Financial protection and not having to deal with costly claims.

  • Preventing your charity from losing any money raised.

If something goes wrong at your event and you’re uninsured, there won’t be a legal penalty, but you’ll need to pay for a solicitor yourself and potentially settle costly claims which will set you and your charity back.

You can get event insurance for single events so you may only need to pay a small amount to cover your fundraiser. 

What level of cover will I need?

The level of cover you’ll require for your fundraising event may depend on several factors, such as the number of people attending your event, the size of the venue and what you have planned for the day. You may also wish to consider additional cover options such as event equipment cover, employers liability and cancellation cover. 

When should I get insurance for a fundraising event?

If you’re organising a fundraiser for your charity, you should look into taking out a policy as soon as you can. This means that if anything goes wrong in the lead up to your event (such as the venue no longer being able to host your event), you would be covered (in this case, you’d be protected with an event cancellation, abandonment and postponement policy in place).

Are you looking to insure your fundraising event?

You’ve come to the right place! Here at Event Insurance Services, we provide comprehensive public liability insurance for charity events. So, whether you’re organising a summer fete or a charity sports match, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today for more information or get a quote here.

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