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The day of your event is an ideal opportunity to promote your message or future events to attendees.

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It is also an opportunity to show those who did not attend exactly what they are missing. You will probably be very busy ensuring the event runs smoothly during the day, so make sure you do as much preparation beforehand as possible.

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Branded Materials

Make sure you have plenty of branded materials such as flyers and banners at your event. If someone takes a photograph at your event, you want your brand to be in the picture! You might want to include goodie bags too with branded pens, information and other useful bits and pieces. This will ensure people remember your brand when they leave. 

Keep in mind that your brand isn’t just your logo, it’s everything your company stands for, so make sure you portray your brands image appropriately. Try to educate attendees about your event/brand and give them useful information such as an events calendar so they can book on to the next one there and then.

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Social Media

Social media will be immeasurably important on the day of your event. This is where anyone who couldn’t attend your event will see just how good it really is and can engage with your brand or event attendees instantaneously. Make sure you are posting photos, videos, quotes from speakers and regular updates on your event throughout the day. You might even want to try using Facebook Live to give anyone on Facebook an insight into your event. It’s a good idea to set up your own hashtag too if you want to try and get your event trending on Twitter! 

If you don’t think you will have much time to post on social media throughout the day, you can use a tool such as Hootsuite to schedule some social posts. Although this isn’t as effective as doing it live, it will encourage your attendees to get involved. Try to start a conversation with your audience, ask them questions and really get them engaged to spread your message further. 

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Data Collection

Getting information from your event attendees such as email addresses will give you a way to follow up with them after the event and continue promoting your brand. If your attendees didn’t need to sign up to your event, you may not have already collected this data, so you’ll need to find a way to convince them to hand over their details. 

Simple techniques such as competitions or prize draws are very effective, but generally networking with people and taking contact details directly is a much more personal way of doing things. You might also want to try interviewing people to get their opinions on the event. You can use these interviews in any blogs or videos you make after the event and remember to ask for contributors contact details so you can share it with them later.