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Comprehensive and reliable public liability insurance for marquee event organisers.

Our marquee public liability insurance is designed to cover event organisers for accidental damage, theft or fire damage caused to the marquee during the hire period, providing protection against any claims made against you by event attendees or other third parties.

Marquee insurance UK

Over the summer months (and sometimes during the rest of the year too), marquees are a common sight across the country, with people enjoying wedding receptions, festivals, corporate events, fetes and shows.

Here at Event Insurance Services, we provide insurance policies for event organiser’s hiring marquee for their events and marquee owners, ensuring you are protected against claims relating to injury or potential damage. This allows you to focus on what really matters - providing an exceptional and memorable experience event for you and your attendees!

Marquee hire insurance cover designed to meet your demands and needs

Our insurance meets the demands and needs of event organisers who want to cover all costs incurred as a result of accidental damage, theft or fire damage to the marquee during the period of hire.

Why choose Event Insurance Services for your marquee public liability cover?

Industry experts

With over 25 years in the industry business, we specialise in providing competitively priced, reliable marquee insurance.


90% of our clients return to our services for affordable, efficient and reliable cover.

Excellent claims handling

Our specialist, friendly customer service team handle all claims quickly and efficiently, providing straight-talking, jargon-free advice.

Simple process

We aim to simplify the claims process with no lengthy forms or paperwork to complete, guiding you through each stage to give you peace of mind.

What does our marquee insurance cover?

Our marquee public liability insurance for one-off or multiple events provides protection against theft, accidental damage and fire damage, covering all costs to re-instate, repair or replace the marquee during the rental period.

For event organisers using their own marquee, our public liability insurance also protects you against bodily injury caused to attendees or third parties, e.g. if someone is hurt during the dismantling of the marquee. (Please note this is only applicable if the marquee has been erected following the manufacturers guidance, and people involved in its erection / dismantling have received suitable training).

We also provide the following additional cover:

  • Employer’s liability - covers both paid and non-paid staff working at your marquee event.
  • Event Equipment - cover you for the accidental damaging, loss of or theft of your marquee event equipment.

What to be aware of when hiring a marquee

It's very important to select a reputable marquee hire company which carries its own public liability cover. This coverage is essential for ensuring you are protected against claims made in the event of bodily injury or property damage caused by the marquee.

Marquee insurance FAQs 

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects marquee event organisers from financial loss in the event of third-party claims related to bodily injury or property damage. It covers compensation, legal bills and costs to replace, repair or reinstate the marquee.

Do I need marquee insurance in the UK?

Whilst not a legal requirement, people organising an event in a marquee are advised to take out public liability insurance for protection against unforeseen incidents, such as an injury, theft or damage.

How to get marquee insurance

Here at Event Insurance Services, we’ve made the process of purchasing marquee public liability insurance quick and easy. Whether you need insurance for a one-off occasion or multiple events, simply call us for a quote today on 01425 484860 or find the type of policy you wish to purchase and fill in a short form online. An advisor will then be in touch with a quote tailored to your needs and requirements.

Please note that in some complex cases, our specialist underwriters may be required to review your requested cover before you can purchase an insurance policy. 

For more information on how to get marquee insurance, please contact the Event Insurance Services team today.

How much does marquee insurance cost?

Our marquee insurance policies start from as little as £69 for public liability and £25 for equipment cover. Please note that costs are dependent on a range of factors, such as the total number of attendees expected, the type of event and how long you need the marquee for. 

To get a better idea of how much your marquee insurance policy may cost, visit our Public Liability Costs page or speak to a member of the team.

Cover options:

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability 
  • Equipment insurance
  • Event cancellation insurance