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Whilst the safety of attendees and workers at your event will be your number one priority, it is important to consider your event equipment too.

Many events require expensive equipment to ensure the smooth running of the event, but what happens if that equipment gets damaged or stolen? At Event Insurance Services, we can provide specific insurance policies which will cover you for the accidental damaging, loss of or theft of your event equipment.

Starting from £25

Damaged or Stolen Equipment

Our event equipment policies will protect you against the damage or theft of any equipment you are responsible for throughout the duration of your event which is solely for the purpose of said event. Whether you have hired, leased or you own the equipment in question, we will indemnify you by covering the cost of the repair or replacement of the equipment if something should happen to it. Any claim for damaged or stolen equipment must meet the following condition:

  • The damage, loss or theft happened during the period of insurance either at the venue or in transit to or from the venue within geographical limits
  • The cost of repair or replacement must exceed £250 as this is the policies excess
  • Any theft of equipment must be a result of forcible entry or exit from the site and items must not have been left unattended or unsecured
  • The damage must not have been caused by faulty erection, use or dismantlement of temporary structures

Event equipment insurance can be included with the majority of our insurance policies, with your specific circumstances being taken into account for your policy. No matter what equipment you are are planning on using during your event, there is always a risk something could go wrong with it. Contact us today to learn more about our event equipment insurance policies.

Did you know that we can provide insurance for event technology at indoor events?
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