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Are You Organising An Event?

There are a number of great reasons for organising an event, but it’s important to get cover for yourselves as well as your attendees to guarantee everyone has a great time, and should anything go wrong, it will be covered. Investing a little in event insurance could save you a significant amount in the long run.

Do you have Event Insurance?


Whether you’re planning an office party, need cover for your wedding or looking to hold an event in the local community you should always consider purchasing event insurance for safety and peace of mind.

Why Do You Need Event Insurance?

By insuring your event, you can ensure that you’re protected from the unexpected. Some may think that it’s the venues responsibility to protect your event and attendees, but that probably won’t cover additional equipment and potential cancellation fees which could be unnecessary and unneeded costs.

When Will I Need Event Insurance?

You can insure your event at any time in the lead up to your event, but can only claim against something that has occurred after the policy was taken out.

What Is Covered In Event Insurance?

Depending on which type of event insurance you need, you can get covered for:

Public liability up to £10 million
Protection for event attendees

Employer’s liability up to £5 million
Protection for your event’s volunteers, helpers and employees

Event equipment
Protection for your equipment or hired equipment

Cancellation, Abandonment or Postponement
Protection if your event needs to be postponed or cancelled

Adverse weather
Additional protection if your event needs to be cancelled due to the weather conditions

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Types of Event insurance:

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How Do I Get Event Insurance Policies?

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  • Public liability up to £10 million
  • Employer’s liability up to £5 million
  • Event equipment cover
  • Cancellation, Abandonment or Postponement cover
  • Adverse weather cover