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Our experienced and dedicated team of Contingency Insurance Underwriters have constructed a range of comprehensive and robust cancellation policies to future-proof organisations and their events.

We understand the risks faced by clients and the breadth of knowledge and expertise within the team is unparalleled. Our dedicated team of underwriters work closely with all customers, taking the time to advise on risk assessment and designing an insurance policy that provides the right level of cover for their event.

We provide a range of Contingency Insurance Cover options for events held across the globe. Whether you’re a small private organisation needing a simple package put together, such as event liability coverage or event cancellation cover only, or a multi-national organisation requiring an extensive risk management programme protecting your exposures for events across the globe, our team are here to help.

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Contingency Insurance

Our Event Contingency Cover offers a range of cancellation cover options to protect you against the possibility of lost event expenditure and/or lost profits. Contingency Insurance reimburses your irrecoverable costs and expenses incurred, or loss of profit as a result of the unforeseeable abandonment, postponement, interruption or cancelation of your event.

Available via our direct relationships with world renowned Lloyds of London for insureds domiciled in the UK or overseas in the US, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. (coverage limitations do apply depending on Geographical location and Lloyds licensing).

We have put together a comprehensive portfolio of different Event Contingency Insurance cover options so that we can formulate a truly tailored solution, protecting the possibility of lost event expenditure and/or lost profits.

Adverse Weather Protection

Our Adverse Weather insurance cover will provide protection for the event if it has to be postponed or cancelled due to severe weather conditions. We offer flexibility surrounding what is covered and the type of peril, including but not limited to, excess precipitation, snow, or excessive temperatures.

Terrorism Extension

We can provide cover with our Terrorism Extensions to protect financials should the event be cancelled or disrupted due to terrorism, or the threat of a terrorist act.

Non-Appearance Extension

We offer protection if the event is contingent on a key speaker, artist, performer or group. This covers the inability of the performer to fulfil their obligations which in turn leads to the event being cancelled, abandoned, postponed, interrupted or relocated. Circumstances can include death, accident, serious illness or unavoidable travel delay.

National Mourning

National Mourning looks to cover the cancellation of an event following the death of a Royal Family or Head of State member causing the nation to go into a National Mourning period. Under our Contingency Insurance product, standard National Mourning is covered under Cancellation Cover for anyone up to the age of 65.

Event contingency insurance can be created with your specific circumstances being taken into account for your policy. No matter how well you plan your event, you could always face a hurdle beyond your control. Contact us today to find out more about our event contingency insurance policies and other policies to protect your events.

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