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As an event organiser, you have control over a lot of things; whether that’s the venue you choose, the entertainment, the guests attending or the catering supplied.

The one thing that no event organiser can control however, is the weather. It doesn’t matter if you choose to have your event in the peak of summer, all event organisers fear that their event will be ruined or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

Event Cancelled Due to Weather

If you have the right insurance policy in place, you will be covered if your event has to be cancelled due to severe or adverse weather. Whether you are organising a fair, a parade or any other outdoor event, you can be protected against any financial loss due to adverse weather conditions simply by opting to insure against such an incident within your event insurance policy. Our adverse weather policy can also cover indoor venues which become inaccessible or flooded due to severe or adverse weather.

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For cancellation cover of more than £50,000, our Key Account Manager Amy Wrigley is ready to help you. Just give her a call directly on 01425 470360, or send an email to and she will be able assist you with any enquiries.

At Event Insurance Services, we are able to cover you for any irrecoverable costs incurred due to an unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or postponement of the event due to adverse weather conditions. Any claim for adverse weather must meet the following conditions:

  • The Health and Safety Officer attending the event deems the weather to be so severe that it would be dangerous to continue
  • Photographic evidence and Met Office records to support the adverse weather conditions claim should be supplied
  • Your adverse weather conditions policy must have been purchased at least 14 days prior to the event

How We Can Help You

If you find yourself in a situation where adverse weather conditions cause your event to be cancelled, abandoned or postponed, we’ve got your back. When you include adverse weather conditions within your insurance policy, we will reimburse any expenses incurred by you or pay all necessary additional expenses incurred by you to avoid or reduce financial loss. If your event needs to be rearranged, we will pay the additional costs incurred to enable the event to take place. Contact us today to find out more about our adverse weather conditions policy.

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