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Specialist insurance for horse show organisers and equestrian events

At Event Insurance Services, we are delighted to offer our customers a choice of equestrian event insurance policies to suit the varied needs of equestrian event organisers. Protect your horse racing, dressage and show jumping competitions, charity horse rides, trail riding events and local horse shows from any liability with a fully comprehensive event insurance policy from the event insurance experts.

Your equestrian event insurance experts

Established in 1996, we have decades of experience insuring and supporting horse show organisers. We understand that no two events are ever the same, and with horse events in particular, the variety of equestrian activities can make finding the right level of cover a challenge.

As event insurance specialists, we can help find the right cover to suit your horse event insurance needs.

For competitive horse events you might consider our sporting insurance policy where premiums start from as little as £69.  Get a quote online.

If you’re organising or hosting a horse show then perhaps our Shows, Fairs and Exhibitions insurance will suit your needs? Premiums also start from £69. Get a quote online.

Alternatively if you’re responsible for multiple equestrian events throughout the year you may prefer to buy our discounted multiple event insurance policy. Premiums start from only £182. Get a quote online.

If you need a little help deciding, or would like more information tailored to your needs, then our expert team is on hand to answer your questions. Get in touch with them today.

Public liability insurance for horse shows

Get cover for any accidental bodily injury to a member of the public, as well as cover for accidental damage to third party property proven to be as a result of your negligence in connection with your equestrian competition or horse show.

Public liability insurance for horse show organisers is incredibly important, as it covers you against any liability or claims made by the public in connection with your event. Accidents can happen, especially when dealing with members of the public, and should a member of the public for example slip on horse manure, or injure themselves in connection to your horse show, your business can be held liable for compensation.

Incidents involving horses and spectators are thankfully rare, but slips, trips and falls around showgrounds, beside food stalls and within crowded spectator areas are more commonplace. It’s wise to be protected. 

Our standard public liability policy offers cover for up to £10million, and for up to 20,000 visitors per event. Cover is in respect of 4 consecutive days and total visitors are calculated on the total number of persons attending throughout the entire duration of the equestrian event. We can offer cover in excess of 20,000 attendance, please either call us on 01425 470360 or continue with the quick application process and state you require higher attendance then 20,000 when asked, and we shall handle your request promptly.

Employers liability horse show insurance

Whether you employ one or more people, including stewards, volunteers and helpers, it is wise to have employer’s liability insurance in case of injury and accidents to your staff.

Employer’s liability insurance can be added to your premium to cover for up to £5 million. Cover is also in respect of 4 consecutive days for a horse show event.

Our horse show insurance and eventing policies also cover:

Event equipment insurance
This part of the policy covers you against any loss, theft or accidental damage to hired, leased or owned event equipment that you are responsible for, from the merchandise you sell to the marquees to the main showground setup.

Event cancellation insurance
Should you need to cancel your equestrian event, we can cover you for any irrecoverable costs associated with the unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or postponement.

For example should inclement weather mean it is unsafe to proceed for riders, jockeys, horses and/or spectators, then cancellation may be your only option. Further information on event cancellation insurance can be found here.

Time to saddle up? Get an instant quote online today by filling in our quick and easy form, or get in touch with our knowledgeable team to discuss your requirements.

Equestrian event cover options can include

  • Public Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Event Equipment Cover
  • Event Cancellation or Abandonment Cover
  • Adverse Weather Extensions
  • Non-Appearance Extensions