Event Cancellation Insurance

Having to cancel or postpone an event for reasons beyond control are any organiser’s worst nightmare.

Yes, you can prepare to decrease the risk of having to cancel your event but problems could emerge from anywhere that are simply out of your control. At Event Insurance Services, we understand that insuring your event is now more important than ever, which is why we make it easy for you to take out policies that insure you against cancellation.

Cancellation Insurance

Our event cancellation insurance protects you from the financial losses you may incur as a result of your event having to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control. Event cancellation insurance reimburses your irrecoverable costs and expenses incurred or loss of profit following the unforeseeable abandonment, postponement, interruption or cancellation of your event.

What if?

  • Your performer or guest speaker cancels due to illness or injury?
  • Your entertainment cancel due to travel delays?
  • Unforeseen adverse weather conditions force you to cancel?

You can protect your income that depends on the event going ahead or even if you’re holding a free event, cancellation insurance can cover incurred expenditure.

What can be covered with Cancellation Insurance?

  • Your irrecoverable costs and expenses
  • Loss of revenue or profit
  • Damages resulting from failure to vacate a venue for which you are legally liable under contract
  • Additional expenses to reduce a loss

Event cancellation insurance can be included with most of our insurance policies, with your specific circumstances being taken into account for your policy. No matter how well you plan your event, you could always face a hurdle beyond your control.

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