Vendor Liability Insurance

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Comprehensive insurance cover for vendors at events in the UK

We offer several vendor liability insurance cover options, including public liability, employer’s liability, equipment cover, cancellation, abandonment and postponement. 

Vendor liability insurance 

Accidents can occur at any event, and vendors are frequently dealing with members of the public which puts them at risk of having claims made against them. Due to the level of contact involved between vendors and the public at events, taking out vendor liability insurance is a way of keeping yourself protected against potential claims, so you won’t have to lose out financially should an accident occur. 

We have two specific insurance policies for vendors, they are:

  • Single event policies which can cover you for four consecutive days worth of insurance protection. This can be extended if required. 

  • Multiple event policies which can cover you for either up to 15 events or up to 45 events. You can also request cover for additional events if required. Simply get in touch to discuss your individual needs. 

Your demands and needs

This policy meets the demands and needs of those looking to insure their participation as a vendor at events in the UK. We have both single and multiple event covers to choose from.

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Excellent claims handling

We handle claims quickly and efficiently, striving to deliver exceptional customer service.


Since we established our business in 1996, we’ve been specialising in providing reliable event insurance policies.

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Getting vendor liability insurance is a simple process here at Event Insurance Services. If you need any assistance, our friendly team of event insurance experts are happy to offer their support.

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90% of our clients return to us for more affordable and reliable insurance policies.

What does our vendor liability insurance cover?

We offer several types of vendor liability insurance cover. Our main cover options are:

  • Public liability insurance - this covers accidental bodily injury to a member of the public or accidental damage to third party property at the event if found to be a result of your negligence. 

  • Employers liability insurance - this will protect you from legal liability to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses as well as damages arising as a result of injury to anyone you’ve employed at your event (including volunteers, temporary staff and helpers) who is under your supervision or control at the time of the injury. 

  • Event equipment insurance - this will cover you for accidental damage, loss or theft of stock and other equipment you’re hiring or bringing to the event that isn’t part of the fixtures or fittings of the venue. You’ll be covered for accidental damage, loss or theft of the equipment you're legally responsible for during the event. 

  • Event cancellation insurance - this covers you if the event is cancelled, postponed or abandoned. Please contact us for more information regarding this type of cover. 

You can find more details about what our vendor liability insurance policies cover here. 

Vendor liability insurance FAQs

What is vendor liability insurance?

Vendor liability insurance is a type of insurance cover designed to protect policyholders against vendor-specific claims made against them by third parties (such as an injury or damage to third-party property). 

Who needs public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is strongly recommended for businesses who are interacting with members of the public, including caterers and vendors. This is because accidents can happen at any event, and you could have claims made against you should an accident occur which is deemed to be the result of your negligence. 

What are the benefits of vendor liability insurance? 

  • It protects you from financial loss - accidents can happen at any event and anything as small as a loose cable could lead to a member of the public tripping and making a costly claim against you.

  • It gives you peace of mind whilst attending events as you won’t have to worry about potential accidents happening and ending up out-of-pocket. 

How much is food vendor insurance?

How much food vendor insurance (and other types of vendor insurance) is will depend on a number of factors such as the level of cover required and whether you need an insurance policy for single or multiple events. Here at Event Insurance Services, we offer vendor liability insurance from as little as £69. Get an online quote for one-off or multiple vendor liability insurance today or contact our team for more information - we’d be happy to help.

How to get vendor liability insurance

Here at Event Insurance Services, we’ve made the process of getting insurance cover for your participation at events simple. All you need to do is complete the form on our quote page with your personal details and the level of cover you require. We’ll then send you a quote for the policy best matching your needs and you’ll be able to purchase the policy online. Please note that depending on the complexity of your insurance needs, our specialist underwriters may be required to review your policy. 

Our vendor liability insurance is available from just £69 for single events and £182 for multiple events. Get vendor liability insurance today!