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Insurance cover for organisers of events with pop-up food catering in the UK.

We offer several pop-up restaurant insurance cover options, including public liability, equipment cover, employers liability, cancellation, abandonment and postponement for single or multiple events. 

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Pop-Up Restaurant Insurance

From food festivals to street food, pop-up restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, offering the public a wide range of delicious cuisines and homemade food to try. With so much excitement continuing to build up around the food scene, we’ve created pop-up restaurant insurance covers to protect you in the event of an accident or cancellation, so you can focus on running your event smoothly. 

We have two specific insurance policies for pop-up restaurants, they are:

  • Single event pop-up restaurant policies - these can cover you for four consecutive days worth of insurance protection and can be extended if required. 

  • Multiple event pop-up restaurant policies - these can cover you for either up to 15 events or up to 45 events. You can also request cover for additional events should you need it. Simply get in touch to discuss your individual needs. 

Your demands and needs

This policy meets the demands and needs of those looking to insure their organisation of an event with pop-up restaurant caterers. We offer pop-up restaurant insurance cover for both single and multiple events. 

Please ensure you check through all of the documents issued to you so that you understand what your policy covers you for. 

Why choose us for pop-up restaurant insurance? 

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Our team handles all claims quickly and efficiently as we make it our mission to deliver exceptional customer service.


We established our business in 1996 and have been specialising in providing reliable event insurance such as pop-up restaurant insurance ever since.

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We make getting the event insurance you need a smooth and simple process. If you need any help, our friendly team of event insurance experts are on hand to offer their support.

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90% of our clients return to us for more affordable and reliable insurance policies.

What does our pop-up restaurant insurance cover?

We offer several types of pop-up restaurant insurance cover. Our main cover options are:

  • Public liability insurance - this covers accidental bodily injury to a member of the public or accidental damage to third party property at the event if found to be a result of your negligence. Public liability can be in place from when you are setting up as well as when the event is open to members of the public. 

  • Employers liability insurance - this covers you for your legal liability to pay claimants cost and expenses as well as damages arising as a result of injury to anyone you’ve employed at your event (including volunteers, temporary staff and helpers). They must be under your supervision or control at the time of the injury. 

  • Event equipment insurance - this cover relates to equipment you’re hiring or bringing to the event that isn’t part of the fixtures or fittings of the venue. You’ll be covered for accidental damage, loss or theft of the equipment you're legally responsible for during the event. 

  • Event cancellation insurance - this covers you if the event is cancelled, postponed or abandoned. Please contact us for more information regarding this cover. 

You can find more details about what our pop-up restaurant insurance policies cover here. 

Pop-up restaurant insurance FAQs

What is a pop-up restaurant?

A pop-up restaurant is a temporary restaurant (set up at a temporary location) which is commonly found at events. They can take the form of tents, carts and other temporary structures and are commonly found at festivals, private functions such as weddings and events taking place in more secluded areas so attendees can be catered for. 

Are pop-up restaurants legal?

Before a pop-up restaurant can be public-facing, food safety and hygiene standards must be met and the vendor will of course need permission to provide food in the location in question (and comply with local councils) before trading. Pop-up restaurants are governed by the same regulations as permanent restaurants and should meet the same high standards. If a pop-up restaurant owner fails to comply with regulations, they could face large penalties. 

How much does pop-up restaurant insurance cost?

How much pop-up restaurant insurance costs will depend on a number of factors, such as the level of cover you require and number of attendees likely to attend the event. Here at Event Insurance Services, you can get pop-up restaurant insurance from as little as £69 for one-off events and just £182 for multiple events. Get an online quote for your one-off or multiple pop-up restaurant events today.  

What are the benefits of having pop-up restaurant insurance? 

There are many benefits to having pop-up restaurant insurance, including:

  • You can feel more relaxed and comfortable on the day of the event(s) knowing that you’re financially covered should an accident occur. This means you can focus your attention on running the event. 

  • If a claim is made against you, you’ll be protected and won’t be held liable (providing your policy covers what the claim relates to), so you won’t end up out of pocket. 

  • You can never predict what might happen at your event and taking out pop-up restaurant insurance will offer both protection and peace of mind, so you’re ready for all possible situations.


If you’re unsure as to whether our pop-up restaurant insurance is right for you or you’d like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help. 


Our pop-up restaurant insurance is available from just £69 for single events and £182 for multiple events. Get pop-up restaurant insurance today!