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Our comprehensive fete insurance covers organisers of fetes across the UK.

Fetes are a great way to lift community spirit and are particularly popular during the UK’s summer months.Traditional fetes will typically be held outdoors and include food stalls and entertainment with the aim of raising money for a charity or local cause. As with any event, accidents can happen, which is why we have designed a fete insurance policy to protect event organisers against liability. 

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Fete insurance

You can count on fetes to bring the public together to boost community spirit, but what you can’t count on is for them to be accident-free. Summer fetes can get busy; with so many different activities taking place and various food stalls catering for everyone, there is a lot for event organisers to consider to ensure that they are protected against claims from third parties if accidents should occur. 

Risks at fetes include accidental damage to third party property and injury to members of the public. For example, something as small as a loose wire could lead to a big problem if somebody trips and hurts themselves. It is for this reason that we offer fete insurance to protect you from losing money, giving you peace of mind on the day.

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Your demands and needs

Our fete insurance meets the needs of those organising fetes who wish to insure their attendance and participation so that they are protected in the event of unforeseen circumstances and accidents including: injuries to third parties, injuries to employees, volunteers or temporary staff; loss or damage of third party property; event cancellation, abandonment or postponement; and damage, theft or loss of equipment. We can also offer an extension of our event cancellation policy which covers cancellation due to adverse weather (this must be requested and reviewed) and cover for loss and revenue.  

Anything can happen at an event, which is why we encourage event organisers to prepare for the worst and insure themselves so that they are covered and not held liable for accidents. By taking out fete insurance, you can run your event without the worry of potential claims being made and can concentrate on other important aspects of the day to ensure it is enjoyable for everyone.

Why choose us for fete insurance? 

Choose us for your fete insurance and benefit from:

  • A quick and simple process - we make getting insurance for events fuss-free and our friendly team are always on hand to assist you.

  • Excellent claims handling - we deal with claims swiftly and efficiently to provide the best customer service.

  • Reliable policies - thanks to our reputable insurers who underwrite our policies, we’ve seen 90% of our clients return to our services for affordable and reliable cover.

  • Industry experts - having established our business in 1996, we specialise in providing reliable street party insurance which is competitively priced.

What does our fete insurance cover? 

Any event can present risks and should an accident occur, event organisers could be held liable without the right protection. With our fete insurance cover, you can be financially protected under the following four key covers:

  • Public liability - this includes bodily injury to a member of the public and accidental damage or loss to third party property.

  • Employers liability - this includes legal liability to pay for costs and damages made by an employee, volunteers or temporary staff relating to injury during your event. They must have been under your control when the injury was sustained).

  • Event equipment - this includes accidental damage, theft or loss of event equipment you are legally responsible for during the event).

  • Event cancellation - our standard cover includes cover of costs from unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or postponement of the event which has been caused by a variable out of your control. We also have an extension of our event cancellation policy which can cover cancellation due to adverse weather conditions and coverage for loss of revenue and profit. Please note that our event cancellation cover is only available by request and will need to be reviewed.

Fete insurance FAQ

What is a fete? 

A fete is a public event which usually takes place outdoors during summer months. Typically, they will be organised to help raise money for a charitable cause and feature social activities and food stalls. 

Common types of fetes include village fetes (which are designed to get the local community together) and school fetes (where students and their families can enjoy a day interacting with one another to raise money for the school or a charity).

Do I need fete insurance? 

It is well worth considering fete insurance to avoid any costly claims made against you by third parties. Similar to street parties, public liability insurance may be a necessary requirement for a local council or third party provider of a property such as a village hall. 

If you will have staff or volunteers under your control during the fete, you may also need to consider employers liability insurance to protect you from claims made against you due to negligence.

Whether you’re looking for school fete insurance or village fete insurance, we can help. 

How do I get fete insurance? 

Here at Event Insurance Services, we’ve made the process of getting fete insurance quick and easy. Simply head to our get a quote page and enter your personal details along with the level of fete insurance you require. We will then send you a quote and you can purchase your chosen policy online. Please note that in some cases, we may inform you that our specialist underwriters will need to conduct a review of your request. If you would like more information on our fete insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our specialist fete insurance policy gives you comprehensive cover from just £69. Contact us today for more information.
Why choose us for fete insurance? Here at Event Insurance Services, we're proud to offer reliable insurance cover, excellent customer service, premiums which can be tailored to specific activities for events and a 24 hour turnaround time to get you the cover you need quickly.

Fete insurance cover options can include:

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Event equipment insurance
  • Event cancellation insurance