Introducing Technology to Your Event

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As the organiser of a successful event, you already know that you can’t stand still.

Every year, your event needs to evolve - creating fresh experiences and new memories for those who attend. Whether that comes from an updated format, or switching the mix of exhibitors / performers, it’s that constant looking to the future that will keep your event on everyone’s calendars year after year.

The one thing that nobody escape from is the increasing integration of technology in all aspects of our daily lives. Not just in the obvious way of keeping us more connected (at the last count, there were well over 100 social media sites), but also impacting our health, entertainment, lifestyle and education.

With technology developing at such a rapid pace, staying on top of these new trends and developments requires active engagement on behalf of event organisers.  They will need to master these new innovations, using them to communicate, engage and promote events in new and exciting ways.

What’s more, the capabilities of technology have vastly evolved, and increasingly consumers are expecting new standards of excellence, engagement and experiences at the events they attend.

So, no pressure, but we all need to become tech experts as well as keeping up with the day job…!

In this whitepaper, we explore how incorporating this new tech into your events can create a truly engaging user experience, as well as identifying a few of the key event tech trends that you might want to consider for your next event.

Device use isn’t just limited to an in-home or office environment. Visitors to your events will be documenting their experiences on Instagram stories or via

Facebook Live, indirectly influencing potential visitors to your current and future events.