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A comprehensive DJ public liability insurance policy for DJs who have been booked to perform in the UK.

Our DJ insurance policy will cover DJs whilst they are performing at events or practicing in preparation for their shows, so they’re covered in the event of a claim.

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DJ public liability insurance

As a DJ, you may travel around the UK often to perform at shows and gigs, so the last thing you want is to worry about the possibility of accidents happening at your event.  

Here at Event Insurance Services, we understand the risks that come with any performance and know that accidents can happen at any time, no matter how hard you plan for your event. This is why we’ve created a comprehensive DJ public liability insurance cover so you can focus on performing and the rest of your busy schedule with one less thing to worry about.

Your demands and needs

Our DJ insurance meets the demands and needs of DJs looking to insure their participation at an event in the UK so that they have financial protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as accidental injury to third parties. 

Essentially, public liability insurance for musicians, DJs and performers gives you the peace of mind you need at an event as you won’t be held liable for accidental injuries or accidental damage to third party property, should this be due to your negligence. 

How much does public liability insurance cost for a DJ?

The price of public liability for DJs will vary across insurance providers and will also depend on the level of cover you require. Here at Event Insurance Services, you can get DJ public liability insurance for a single event from just £32 and as little as £134 for multiple events. 

Take a look at our DJ insurance cover and premiums here. 

Why choose us for DJ insurance?

Our top priority here at Event Insurance Services is to ensure that our customers are happy with our service and are protected against any potential claims with their performers insurance which would otherwise leave them out of pocket. Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider taking out DJ insurance with us:

We have excellent claims handling

All claims are dealt with by our teams quickly and efficiently and we always aim to deliver exceptional customer service.

We’re industry experts

Having established our business in 1996, we specialise in providing reliable event insurance at a competitive price. 

We make getting event insurance quick and easy

Get the cover you need when you need it. Our friendly team of experts are always on hand to offer their advice and assist you. 

We’re dependable

We see 90% of our clients return to us for more affordable and reliable event insurance cover. 

What does our DJ insurance cover? 

Our key cover under our DJ insurance policy is public liability. We can provide cover for single events or an annual cover for up to 100 performances and rehearsals over the course of a year. Our DJ public liability insurance covers:

  • Accidental bodily injury to a member of the public

  • Accidental damage to third party property

You are covered if accidents happen whilst setting up for your event or during your performance.  

Find out more about what our DJ public liability insurance covers here. 

DJ insurance FAQs

What is DJ insurance? 

Dj insurance is a type of insurance which is designed to protect performers and entertainers during events from any claims made against them for injuries to members or the public or damage to third party property.

Does a DJ insurance?

It’s advised that DJs consider investing in DJ public liability insurance to protect themselves against public liability. You can’t predict accidents and an injury to a member of the public or damage to the venue could be very costly for you. It’s worth checking with your partners, venue or council (if relevant) whether you’ll be required to have DJ public liability insurance for your events. 

How to buy DJ insurance 

You can get DJ public liability insurance quickly and easily here at Event Insurance Services. Simply complete the form on our quote page with your personal details and the level of DJ insurance cover you require. Once we’ve received this information, we’ll send you a quote for the policy which best suits your needs and you can purchase it online. Please bear in mind that in some instances, our specialist underwriters may be required to review your policy if it is complex. 

Thinking about buying DJ public liability insurance?

If you still have any questions about our DJ public liability insurance then please get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to assist you.

Our DJ insurance policy is designed to cover DJs whilst performing at up to 100 events throughout the year from just £134 or as little as £32 for a single performance.