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A comprehensive event insurance policy for organisers of cycling events in the UK such as cycle rides or trails.

Our cycling event insurance covers the policyholder for legal liability at sporting events involving bike rides. Please note that this policy does not provide cover for on-road racing.

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Cycling event insurance

Cycle events such as bike rides for charity or fun are a great way to bring the community together and encourage people to get active. Organisers of such events must however be aware of the potential risks involved in cycling events, such as accidents. The last thing you want is for third-party claims to be made against you, which could be very costly. 

Here at Event Insurance Services, we eliminate the risk of financial loss by providing you with public liability cover you can rely on. With our cycling event insurance policy, you can focus on the smooth-running of your bike ride.

Your demands and needs

Our cycling event insurance meets the demands and needs of those who are looking to insure their organisation of bike rides for public liability, employers liability, event cancellation or postponement or damage to event equipment. 

Why choose us for cycling event insurance?

Here at Event Insurance Services, we make it our mission to provide our customers with the cover they need so they are not held liable for incidents during their cycling event. Every event presents risks, and for cycling events, this could involve both participants and spectators sustaining an injury as a result of your negligence. For example, there may be trip or slip hazards (such as slippery steps leading to portaloos), holes in the ground which could twist ankles or structures and signage that may fall and damage property or cause injury. We understand the risks involved, which is why we offer comprehensive insurance policies to protect you against third-party claims. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider taking our cycling event insurance with us:

We offer excellent claims handling

Claims are handled quickly and efficiently as we strive to provide the best customer service and support should third-party claims be made against you. 

We’re dependable

90% of our clients return to us for affordable and reliable cover.

We’re industry experts

Since we established our business in 1996, we’ve provided our customers with competitively priced insurance policies that they can rely on when running events. 

We offer a simple process

Getting cycling event insurance with us is quick and easy. Our experienced team of insurance specialists are always on-hand to assist you with your claims.

Choose a policy that’s best for your needs

We offer different levels of cover for cycling events so you can find a policy that’s tailored to your specific needs. 

What does our cycling event insurance policy cover?

Our key covers for cycling event insurance are public liability and event cancellation but we’re also able to provide cover for event equipment and employers liability. Please see below what these covers include:

  • Public liability - this covers the policyholder for accidental injury to a member of the public (including participants or spectators of the bike ride) or damage to third-party property due to negligence of the event organiser. 

  • Event cancellation - this covers the policyholder for irrecoverable costs due to event cancellation, postponement or abandonment. This can cover loss as a result of  adverse weather conditions if the policy is taken out over 14 days prior to the event.

  • Event equipment - this covers the policyholder for equipment they’re responsible for during the cycling event for loss, theft and accidental damage.

  • Employers liability - this covers the policyholder for their legal liability to pay for costs relating to claimant’s costs, expenses and damages made by employees hired for the cycling event (including paid and unpaid staff). This excludes Road Traffic Accident (RTA) related incidents.


Please note that on-road races are not covered under this policy. This policy is not to be confused with ‘cyclist insurance’ designed for individual cyclists. Find out more about exclusions to the policy and what’s covered.

Cycling event insurance FAQs


What is cycling event insurance?

Cycling event insurance is a type of insurance policy which covers policyholders for injuries to participants and spectators, damage to event equipment or damage to third-party property during their cycling event.

How much does cycling event insurance cost?

Our cycling event liability insurance policies start at just £69, but the cost of your cover will be dependent on factors such as the level of cover you require and the number of people attending your event. You can take a look at our cover and premiums page for more information or fill out details on our quote form to get a price for your event insurance cover.

Do I need cycling event insurance?

Whilst it may not be a legal requirement, cycling event liability insurance is recommended for organisers of sporting events that involve bike rides or cycle trails as it covers them against third party claims should there be an accident.

Why take out cycling event liability insurance?

All event organisers will face risks when running their events. Should an incident occur during your bike ride, trail or similar event, you don’t want to be held liable. Here’s a list of some of the reasons why you should consider investing in cycling event liability insurance:

  • You won’t have to worry about potential third-party claims, allowing you to focus your attention on the smooth-running of the event itself.

  • You won’t face financial loss in the event of an injury (to the public or your staff), damage to equipment or damage to third-party property.

  • You’ll receive financial protection should your sporting event be cancelled, postponed or abandoned due to reasons out of your control.

How do I get cycling event insurance?

We’ve made the process of getting cycling event insurance quick and easy for our customers. Simply visit our online ‘get a quote’ page and complete the form with your personal details and information regarding the event(s) you wish to cover. We’ll then send you a quote for the policy which best suits your event’s needs which you can choose to purchase. 

If you have any further questions about our cycling event insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If you're organising a number of sporting events for a cycling club, we also offer Public Liability Insurance for Sports Clubs which will cover you for multiple events.

With premiums starting at £69 for up to 100 participants for our standard sporting event policy.

Cycling event insurance cover options

  • Public Liability
  • Employer's Liability
  • Event Equipment
  • Cancellation cover, upon request only.