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A specialised single event art show insurance policy for organisers of art exhibitions. 

It’s important for those organising art exhibitions and events in the UK to have a comprehensive art exhibition insurance policy in place which can financially support them should a claim be made. 

Our art show insurance policy is designed for organisers of art exhibitions, shows and fairs, giving you the cover and reassurance you need when running your event.

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Art Show Insurance  

Art exhibitions provide a space for artists to display their work to the public. With so much organisation and planning leading up to the event, you don’t want a last-minute cancellation or accidents on the day spoiling your efforts or leaving you out of pocket. This is why we have created a comprehensive art exhibition insurance policy, so you are protected if claims are made against you due to third party injury or damage to property. 

Your demands and needs

Our art exhibition insurance meets the demands and needs of those organising art shows who wish to insure their event so that they have financial protection in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as accidental injury to third parties, third party property damage, injuries to employees and event cancellation. 

As an event organiser, you want to make sure you are prepared for everything as anything can happen on the day and you don’t want to be held liable for accidents or lose money. With our art show insurance, you’ll have the confidence you need at your event and focus your attention on other important aspects of the day so that it’s a success. 

We also offer annual exhibition insurance if you are hosting multiple events throughout the year.

Why choose us for art exhibition insurance? 

Ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our service and protected against any costly claims made against them is our top priority. Here are some reasons why you can rely on us for art exhibition insurance:

We’re industry experts

We established our business in 1996 and specialise in providing reliable and competitively priced insurance.

Excellent claims handling

We deal with any claims quickly and efficiently and strive to provide the best customer service. 

Simple process

We make the process of getting art exhibition insurance easy and our friendly team of experts are always available to help and offer advice. 


90% of our clients return to our services for affordable and reliable cover. 

What does our art exhibition insurance cover?

We have a number of protections and covers available under our art exhibition insurance policy including public liability claims. Our key covers include:

  • Public liability - including accidental bodily injury to a member of the public or accidental damage to third party property.

  • Employers liability - including legal liability to pay for costs and damages made by an employee, volunteers or temporary staff relating to injury during your event.

  • Equipment insurance - including accidental damage, theft or loss of event equipment you are legally responsible for during the event.

  • Event cancellation insurance - this will protect you in the event of the art show being cancelled. You’ll receive cover for costs incurred as a result of abandonment, unavoidable cancellation or postponement due to reasons beyond your control (including adverse weather conditions). You can also get extensions including coverage for lost revenue from the cancelled event, cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, cancellation due dur a person or performer not attending the event and cancellation due to the threat of terrorism. 


Find out more about what our art show insurance policy covers or contact us if you have any questions - our friendly team would be happy to help!

Art exhibition insurance FAQ

What is exhibition insurance?

Exhibition insurance is a type of insurance cover which is designed to protect organisers of art events and exhibitions from third party claims (for injury or damage to property) or event cancellation. 

Do you need art exhibition insurance?

Any event involves risks which is why it’s so important to make sure that you are insured as an exhibition organiser at art shows. Something as simple as a trip on an exhibition stand could cause an injury and you could be held liable - having art exhibition insurance will protect you from such claims. You can find out more about art exhibition insurance cover options on our exhibitions insurance cover/premiums page.  

What are the benefits of having art show insurance? 

Art exhibition insurance will protect you from any claims made against you by members of the public and will cover you if there is damage to third party property or the event is cancelled. Here’s why it’s worth getting art show insurance:

  • You can focus on the smooth running of the event rather than worrying about potential accidents happening. 

  • You’ll have financial protection if something goes wrong so won’t need to worry about costly claims and ending up out of pocket. 

  • Accidents are unpredictable, it’s worth taking out event insurance to keep yourself protected.


Indoors or outdoors, we can provide comprehensive art exhibition insurance cover from as little as £69.
Why take out art exhibition insurance with us? Here at Event Insurance Services, we offer excellent customer service and claims handling as well as art show insurance cover you can trust and premiums tailored to your specific event needs.

Our art exhibition insurance can cover:

  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Equipment insurance
  • Event cancellation insurance