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Comprehensive street party insurance cover for organisers of public street parties for National Thank You Day in the UK.

Our National Thank You Day event insurance covers the policyholder for legal liability at street party events.

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National Thank You Day Event Insurance

National Thank You Day is a day for everyone in the UK to thank those in their community as well as the Queen for her 70 years of service. It’s an opportunity for people to get together with their friends, family and neighbours to show appreciation for one another and Her Majesty The Queen over the four-day bank holiday weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

Street parties such as public lunches are due to take place on Sunday 5th of June 2022. Many of these parties will take place on roads which have been closed specifically for the occasion.

National Thank You Day and Platinum Jubilee street parties will be an exciting and potentially record-breaking event (as it’s hoped that over 10 million people will join in with the celebrations). With so many people potentially taking part in your event, you want to ensure that should anything go wrong on the day (such as injuries or damage to third-party equipment), you’ll be covered. 

Your demands and needs

Our National Thank You Day event insurance meets the demands and needs of those who wish to insure their organisation of a street party celebrating Thank You Day in Britain. Similar to our Platinum Jubilee street party insurance, this policy can cover you for public liability, employers liability, event equipment and event cancellation or postponement, depending on the level of cover you choose. 

Why choose us for National Thank You Day insurance?

Here at Event Insurance Services, we want to ensure that as an event organiser, you have a reliable policy in place to protect you from potential claims that could arise from your event. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider taking out an insurance policy with us:

We’re experts in our industry

We established our business back in 1996 and have been providing affordable and reliable cover ever since. 


We offer excellent claims handling

Our claims handling team strives to deal with claims quickly, efficiently and sympathetically.


Getting insurance with us is easy

Simply head to our quote page and provide us with details about yourself and your event. Our team is on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.


You can depend on us

We see 90% of clients return to us for policies they can depend on and our policies are underwritten by some of the world's most reputable insurers. 

What does our National Thank You Day insurance cover?

Our National Thank You Day insurance will cover you from public liability (which covers you for accidental bodily injury or damage to third party property due to your negligence at the event). This is a risk at any event but with so many people anticipated to take part in this year’s Thank You Day, you’ll want to ensure you’re financially protected. Our street party insurance policy is designed to give you peace of mind as an event organiser so that you can focus on the smooth-running of the event itself. 

We also offer additional cover options, including:

  • Employers liability - this covers you for your legal liability to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses for injury to someone you have employed at your event (including temporary staff, volunteers and helpers) whilst under your supervision or control. 

  • Event equipment - this covers you for accidental damage, loss or theft of event equipment you’re legally responsible for during the event.

  • Event cancellation - this covers you for irrecoverable costs incurred due to unavoidable cancellation, abandonment or postponement of your street party event due to reasons beyond your control.

You can find a full breakdown of our street party covers and premiums here.

National Thank You Day FAQs


What is National Thank You Day?

National Thank You Day is a day where people can get together with friends, family and neighbours to thank those in their community. The day was first celebrated last year on Sunday 4th of July in light of COVID-19 and saw communities get together to say thank you to each other and the NHS who helped us through the pandemic. This year, the celebratory day will once again see people get together to thank one-another. It will coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and is planned to be the biggest national party Britain has ever seen. 

What day is National Thank You Day?

National Thank You Day will take place on Sunday 5th June 2022 to coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations over a four day bank holiday weekend.

How do you celebrate Thank You Day?

In Britain, Thank You Day will be celebrated by many in the form of public street parties, such as a Big Jubilee Lunch. Many celebrities including Ross Kemp and Lorraine Kelly are backing the day alongside institutions such as the NHS, National Lottery Community Fund and the Church of England. It is hoped that a new record will be broken for Britain’s largest national party - this means that over 10 million people will need to join in with the celebrations.

Why is Thank You Day celebrated?

Thank you day is celebrated to thank all of the people in our community who have helped us through the pandemic, such as neighbours, family members and NHS staff. This year, Thank You Day will also see people thank the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee for her 70 years of service to the country.

Who started Thank You Day?

Britain’s National Thank You Day was started by 13 individuals in 2021 and has since gained support from many organisations including the NHS, the Scouts and Guides and the Royal Voluntary Service. 

Do I need National Thank You Day insurance?

Whilst you don’t necessarily need street party insurance for Thank You Day, it’s worth considering. This is because anything can go wrong at an event and should an incident occur at your street party, you don’t want to be held liable and left to deal with costly claims.

That said, some councils may insist on you taking out street party insurance - especially if you’re requesting a temporary road closure. 

How much is National Thank You Day insurance?

Here at Event Insurance Services, we offer street party insurance cover from as little as £59. How much National Thank You Day insurance will cost you depends on a number of factors, such as the number of people attending your event and the level of cover you require. 

You can get a quote for street party insurance here.


For as little as £59 for £5,000,000 of Public Liability as standard, you can celebrate National Thank You Day without the worry of dealing with costly claims.

Cover options include:

  • Public Liability Cover
  • Employers Liability
  • Street Party Equipment Cover