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05 March 2020

Information about Coronavirus and Insurance for Events

With the Coronavirus making headlines across the world, we wanted to provide event organisers some key information in relation to some of our insurance policies, as well as some things you can do as an event organiser to raise awareness and reduce the risk of the virus spreading
28 February 2020

Preparing for Rain at Your Event

Don’t let rainy weather put a dampener on your event. There are many things you can do to ensure success in all the right ways so that the show goes on, whatever the weather.
04 February 2020

Event Technology Trends of 2020

In the constantly changing world of events, it is crucial to stay ahead of the technological curve. What was in last year can quickly become old hat, and what’s to come might be a complete surprise.
16 January 2020

Planning for events and things that could go wrong

Sometimes, no matter how well organised or planned an event is, things go wrong. Whether it’s technology that lets you down, or simple human error, these things just happen from time to time.

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