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06 September 2017

An Introductory Guide To Setting Up A Market Stall

After being to some of the best markets and events the summer has to offer, tasted some great foods, bought some jewellery and seen some great homemade pieces on some of the stalls at the event, maybe you now feel inspired to showcase and sell some of your own products on a stall of your very own.
28 November 2017

Why Reputation Management Is Important

Are you proactively managing your business's reputation? We have advice and guidance on how to handle your reputation management strategy within our whitepaper - A Guide To Growing Your Reputation.
08 August 2017

An Engagement Of Our Very Own

I had pictured the moment a 100 times in my head, what I was going to say, where I wanted to say it, all to make sure it was moment never to forget. However, none of that really prepared me for the emotional roller-coaster that I was going to experience when popping the question.
03 August 2017

Top Tips for getting Event Insurance

You’ve found a great location, spent countless hours pulling your hair out to find the perfect name for your festival. You have organised a line-up that is going to get the crowd partying and you can feel the excitement building from all the chatter across the internet. You take a look at what else needs to be done on the checklist and you notice a small squiggle lacking that same enthusiasm that you put into formulating all your other ideas on the page…. insurance!
25 July 2017

Tracey Explains About The Confusing World of Cost & Expenses and Gross Revenue Cover

As one of the Key Account Manager here at Event Insurance, I work with a lot of our larger event clients and brokers. There is one question in particular that often comes up that can cause a bit of confusion, and this is what the difference between Costs & Expenses or Gross Revenue Cover. I thought it would be useful to provide an overview to explain the 2 types of cover, which I hope will make it a bit clearer and ease some of that confusion
18 July 2017

Crime of the moment

Events Insurance Financial Director, Paul Telling, highlights some of the common mistakes that SME's make when it comes to cyber security. With significant penalties for companies who don't do enough to protect themselves, here are some simple and inexpensive things you can do to change your approach to cyber security.
18 May 2017

The Event Promotion Toolkit

We understand the amount of work that is required to make your event a success. With so many elements to consider, the promotion of your event may not get the attention it needs, that is why we have created The Event Promotion Toolkit.
22 February 2017

National Wedding Show Launches Own Brand Wedding Insurance

Event Insurance Services, the UK’s leading provider of event insurance, has today announced the launch of a white label deal with Ocean Media, to provide own brand wedding insurance for the National Wedding Show.
09 February 2017

New Venture with Trinity

We are delighted to be working closely with Trinity, a specialist insurer for the Armed Forces, that was founded in 2000, to add wedding insurance to their range of insurance products that have been designed especially for military personnel.

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