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27 November 2020

Grants for event planning business

Event planning involves organising the ins and outs of an event - including all the activities involved, so you may find yourself needing some financial help to get the funding you need in order to grow your business. From conferences to music festivals, we understand that the events industry covers a variety of event sizes and sectors and acquiring the right funding can determine the success of your event planning business.
27 October 2020

How to stay safe on Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time of the year to dress up, collect treats and take part in spooky festivities with family and friends. With so much to see and do around this holiday, it is important to plan ahead for any events and remember to keep ourselves and others safe. This article will highlight some of the ways you can stay safe on Halloween, so that you can have a good time and avoid any dangers.
11 August 2020

How Insurance Brokers can keep their audience engaged

For many different industries, including the many retail, financial and commercial businesses out there, one of the biggest considerations that needs to be made is the approach to branding, and how a brand builds positive customer relationships and long term engagement. 
01 September 2020

How to organise a pop-up event

Pop-up events are rising in popularity, and they have been for some time now. With all sorts of businesses trying to get in on the action, from start-ups to established brands launching new products. These exclusive and temporary events are a fantastic way to attract an audience and create a buzz in the marketplace, even on a limited budget!
10 September 2020

How event photographers can adapt post COVID-19

COVID-19 caused an unpredictable block in the road for many industries, from travel to retail, but one industry that’s been impacted that people often forget about is the creative industries. This includes photography, and event photographers most of all. So what have event photographers been doing to adapt to these unprecedented times?
30 September 2020

How to create virtual events

Virtual events can bring people together from across the globe - and you don’t even need to step out of your front door! In the current climate of uncertainty, caused by COVID-19, event organisers are turning to virtual experiences to ensure that events such as festivals and conferences are able to be hosted online, in light of social distancing restrictions.

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