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'But my event doesn’t fall within your guidelines; does that mean I need to shop elsewhere for my policy?

Understanding the customer

We understand that not every event ticks the boxes of a standard proposal form, some events fall outside of the usual guidelines. By offering a bespoke policy it allowed us to tailor a policy to the client’s needs.

We wanted to give potential clients more scope when it came to organising their events.

By offering higher levels of Public Liability, Employers Liability, both Cancellation and Equipment Cover, allowed us to do so.

Responding to The venues requirements

Certain venues will not allow organisers to hold events on their premises without having a specific level of Public Liability Insurance. If it’s a listed building worth a lot of money, the level of Public Liability will have to comply with the health & safety regulations of the venue.

The increased level of cancellation insurance can cover you for larger events, where the amount of irrecoverable funds would be greater than that of a smaller event, perhaps due to the non appearance of a key performer who would deem the entire event to be cancelled.

Increasing these key sections gives the client the freedom and flexibility to insure their event with us.

Let us worry, so you don’t have to.

The last thing you want when organising a large scale event is the worry of something going wrong and not having an adequate insurance policy in place. Tailoring a policy to suit your needs allows us to accommodate a larger variety of events, therefore opening our door a little wider and enabling us to look outside of the box.

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