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Congratulations You're Engaged


When you get engaged, you may feel caught up in the magical feelings that come with it. Allow yourself the time to enjoy those feelings because the length of your engagement is completely up to you. Unless you have strict plans already, there is no real rush to the wedding day and you can wait as long as you want.

There are a few things, however, that you might want to get on with straight away.

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Before you go completely public, you might want to phone your nearest and dearest first. Your parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and best friends will be thrilled to have been told before everyone else, so make sure you share that special moment with them!

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Of course, in the world of social media it has never been easier to make big announcements such as an engagement to your entire contact list. This is your chance to get creative and have some fun with it, so think about how you want to announce it and whether or not you want everyone on social media to know about it.


Unless your partner has secretly been taking finger measurements while you sleep, there is a chance that your ring might not fit perfectly. Get the ring booked in for resizing as soon as possible so you can start wearing it with pride. You might find that resizing was included in the price of the ring at your jewellers, making this a much simpler process.

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You may decide you want to throw an engagement party, but this is by no means obligatory. The engagement party doesn’t need to be anything too fancy as the wedding itself will be the real party, so perhaps just invite some friends and family over for drinks and celebrate your good news.

Image of church with text, Discuss what's important

While you may not be ready to outright plan the wedding yet, you might want to talk to your partner about what is really important to you, as this may shape the way you plan things. Just throw some ideas around and you’ll start to get a picture of how your day will be.


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