Insurance for Events in Canada and the USA

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The world of events is complicated, to say the least, and with the market expanding at a very fast rate, a world of opportunities are opening up for those who plan to hold events on a global scale.

Insurance for Events in Canada and the USA

Previously, like many of our competitors, we have been able to offer event insurance to clients holding events in the USA and Canada due to litigious reasons. However, we are proud to announce that Event Insurance can now insure events held in the United States of America and Canada.

What is covered?

There are many cover level options available that cover different circumstances and offer peace of mind.

Public Liability looks to provide cover if accidental bodily injury or third-party property damage is to occur at the event, covering costs and expenses incurred as a result of a claim made due to the insureds negligence

Employers’ Liability and Event Equipment are also helpful covers that offer protection against the accidental bodily injury of an employee, and accidental damage to equipment under your custody and control.

In addition, we also offer cover for cancellation should your event fall victim to the threat of or actual terrorism.

How does it work?

Public Liability and other adjoining covers work in a similar way to the usual policies customers have with us in the UK. 

When it comes to Cancellation Cover, the policy works on a ‘Time and Distance’ or ‘Full Terrorism’ model, so customers longer need to own a property within the geographical location of the event to be insured. As long as they are a UK resident organising the event, we can provide cover.

Time & Distance Terrorism

This covers for the direct result of terrorism which occurs at the venue or within 50 miles of the venue and within 50 days of the event. This also covers threat of terrorism confirmed by local or national governmental authorities or security services, as having appeared to pose a real risk of physical loss or bodily injury to those attending the event had it proceeded.

This also must occur within 50 days of the event.

Full Terrorism

This ultimately covers any loss from terrorism or threat of terrorism if the client can demonstrate that cancelling the event was necessary and justifiable. This does not cover however the fear of potential terrorism or any terrorism involving a nuclear weapon, device or the emission, discharge, dispersal, release or escape of any chemical or biological agent.

As with all types of cover, terrorism insurance is formulated to support customers when the unexpected happens, meaning they won’t have to deal with a scenario that they cannot afford by themselves.

What type of events?

In keeping with the expansion of our policies, we now cover more events than ever before.

From large-scale business conferences, to a Comic Con event or a gaming expo, the type of events we look to cover is constantly getting bigger and we can review on a case by case basis.

Covering the Unpredicted

The planning process of an event takes a lot of time, effort and financial commitment particularly if your event is taking place overseas.

We look to cover renovations and costly repairs to venues, fixtures and fittings, damaged equipment and bodily injury through a plethora of different scenarios.

What’s Next?

We are very pleased to be working with our insurance partners who have expanded our horizons in terms of our geographical locations.

In keeping with this, we have a specialist team of Underwriters working specifically in this field who can help guide you through the process and liaise with you to generate the best cover possible. 

Getting a quote is easy. You can either complete one of our online quote forms here. Alternatively, you can obtain a bespoke quote today from our Key Account Manager Tracey on 01425 470360.

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