How to make your Indoor Events more Memorable

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Creating an event that is memorable is not only good for business but it is important in helping to keep on people coming back to your event in years to come. One of the main challenges for event organisers is creating an event that will stay in attendees’ minds and be remembered well after the event has passed.

How to make your indoor events more memorable

Whether you’re organising a networking event, an annual conference, or an exhibition for your industry, we explore a few key points that can help you create an indoor event to be remembered!

Create that Wow factor

There lots of different of ways you could create that ‘wow’ factor at your event. It could come from the kind of entertainment you have, some extravagant food or a picturesque location. Ideally all of these elements combined will impress your guests. However, it is good idea to choose one distinctive element that will set yourself aside and then to build everything else around it.

Event technology is an amazing way to create that wow factor. There are some impressive technologies being implemented that stop people in their tracks and watch in amazement. Video mapping is an example of a technology be used at events that certainly makes an impression.  

Projection mapping uses video projectors but instead of projecting onto a traditional flat screen, the image or design is mapped to a 3D object. It transforms objects or physical spaces, regardless of shape or size, into a display surface for projection.

You can find out more about some of the emerging event technologies for the future here!

Boost the quality of your event with great catering and hospitality

Sometimes going back to basics and focusing on some of the simplest things can set the tone for your event making it even more memorable. Those extra little touches such as making sure your guests receive a friendly greeting as soon as they arrive, making them feel relaxed, making sure they know where to sit, where to leave coats and, most importantly, where to get a drink. Going the extra mile can help you lay the foundations for an enjoyable event, leaving a good impression from the start.

Blow your guests away with some scrumptious meals, or create a party atmosphere with delicious canapes and nibbles – but whatever you serve, remember that how it is served will create a lasting impression on your guests. Hiring catering equipment, including crockery, will give a much stronger impression, and allow you to continue your event theme even within the dining experience!

Give your event an identity

How your event is identified by your customer can be one of the most important factors for its success. Often referred as branding, it is the one thing that event organisers always have to think about. How can we get our event recognised? How do we communicate our identity to our audience? And how can we make sure we are showcasing our identity to the max?

Developing everything from lanyards and bags, to print collateral and stand designs, whilst producing a clear and bold look for your event can create a strong visual identity for your event.

But your events identity goes beyond just the visual elements. Events provide the perfect setting to create a live experience that projects your identity and provides the opportunity to give an experience that embodies what your event stands for, creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Make your events more interactive and personable

Event attendees have much higher expectations in this modern era of content on demand. One thing many planners always seem to be on the hunt for are more opportunities, techniques, and ideas for injecting a little more interactivity into their events in order to coax a little more engagement from their attendees.

Attendees often want access to things that they would not usually experience in their everyday lives and it can all come down to interactivity.

Event technology has many practical applications for interactivity at events. Using tech like virtual reality (VR), or augmented reality (AR), can not only make your event ultra-interactive, but might also bring in some other opportunities, such as sponsorship, that can give your event that extra boost.

Imagine using VR with the futuristic headset to implement game-like elements in your event, right? Same for AR - just think of people using their smartphones all over the venue to look for some hidden information, there are so many opportunities out there!

However, it isn’t always necessary to ‘go big’ and it never hurts to go back to basics to see where you can make improvements. Sometimes all it takes is a little change in the way you format your sessions, the way you invite participation from your audience, or the style of talks that your speakers give can make the difference and your event a little more dynamic and engaging.

Always follow up once the event is over

You put all that hard work into creating those memorable experience at your event, but the work doesn’t end once the event is over. You wanted to make sure your clients had a wonderful time and now you want them to remember how much they enjoyed the event. The period following your event is a crucial time to continue to engage and communicate with your events attendees. If you continue to engage with your attendees, they will feel more appreciated, which in turn will make them more likely to remember you and success is all about the follow-up.

People like to be appreciated, thanked and also like to connect with others, both in person at events and online thereafter. To really have a successful event, you want your attendees to enjoy themselves during and would love to ride the wave of awesomeness from your event and relive some of those special moments long after your event ends. This isn’t only great business for you to get repeat attendance, but helps to build your own identity and what you’re all about.

Making the right impressions and creating a memorable event certainly can lead to a successful event. By going the extra mile and adding that all important extra touch will make sure your event is remembered for all the right reasons!

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