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There are 3 key stage to the event lifecycle, pre-event, onsite and post event, and having good event management software in place can provide an excellent set of tools to help through each stage.

How can you manage your Event easily with Event Management Software

Event management software comes with a multitude of benefits for event planners and we explore some of the ways that it can contribute to planning and managing indoor events better.

Data and Analysis

Data has always played an important role for event organisers where they could easily learn some basic insights into their events such as the amount of tickets sold or amount of revenue made. However, with this data there could be limitations in its analysis and the conclusions that could be drawn from it would be basic.

Event Management Software allows organisers to view data in many ways—resulting in more insights and better decision-making. The software can enable an organiser to view information such as ticket and revenue information, as well as being able to track how attendees interact during an event, which speakers or stands get the most engagement, and even compare event analytics from previous events.

Research from Eventsforce in 2017 states that event management software is seen as one of the top 3 most effective data collection tools for measuring event success.

We spoke to Ian Webb, Head of Business Development at Eventsforce, to discover his take on what event management software offers event planners.

“They help collect, track and manage valuable event data that allows organisations to measure performance, understand attendee behaviour and prove event ROI to stakeholders and management teams”.

Event Management Software allows planners to see the events short comings, areas that require development and most importantly opens up opportunities to make informed decisions that will have a positive impact on their events.


If there's anything today's planners need more of, it's time. With time being a such precious resource, the impact that automation can have plays important role in making some of the processes in place much more efficient, freeing up some time to concentrate on other aspects of the event.

Event management software provides features such as automated registration confirmation emails, mobile push notifications sent at key parts of an event that can help enhance the communications from the event organisers to their events attendees.

“They help save time by automating key tasks like event registration and sessions management. They improve the productivity of event teams so that more time can be invested in marketing and creativity.”  Ian Webb, Head of Business Development at Eventsforce


Marketing is at its strongest and most effective when it is highly targeted and tailored to an individual’s requirements.

Many events need so much more than just a basic website. To bring your event the attention it needs, the right audience needs to be reached in the right way! Websites, email marketing, and social media promotion are all important pieces of a marketing plan for an event, but having the right event planning software in place can bring it all together, making it easier to manage every aspect of your marketing campaign in the event lifecycle.

Capable of creating automated and targeted campaigns, event management software can “tag” attendees based on the data collected during the registration stage of the process and market to personalised information that would be of interest to them, before, during and after the event. Software can also monitor the digital actions on the day of the event, contributing further to the data collected and provide personalised material based off the behaviour of the audience member.

The management software can be a gateway into more efficient and effective event planning and management, whilst providing a excellent set of tools for a better reach for engaging content, saving you time and contributing to a better return on investment for the event.

You can find out more about the impact event technology can have on your events return on investment in our latest whitepaper, Event Technology – Is it Worth the Investment?


Attendee engagement happens at every stage of the planning lifecycle. Before the event, polls can give you data that will help you understand your audiences’ interests and influence decisions made to improve everyone’s experience at the event.

During the event, event management software, such as mobile apps, can help you make adjustments on the go as the event is running. Not only this, but after everyone goes home, you can keep your events attendees engaged in the effort to generate interest for the next event.

Without event management software in place makes it more difficult to scale up your event. Having all the right information, promoting on the right platform, at the right time, all whilst saving you time and making your event efficient can propel your event forward.

Event management software can bring different opportunities to various individuals depending on the user and what they want to achieve.

For a meeting planner it can be a tool that makes their day-to-day life easier and more efficient. For an event planner it helps to create a more engaging event experience, and for the marketer it can be the platform that allows them to better understand how an event can/has contributed to their overall campaign. But overall, event management software can be key to plan and manage more successful events.


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