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One of the sub-sections of the wedding policy is designed to cover the wedding presents while they are on display at the wedding ceremony and/or reception.

Generally gifts and presents will be covered while they are in the homes of the various gift givers; however the risk comes when they are set down on a table in the midst of the guests.

Theft of Wedding Gifts

Theft of wedding presents puts such a heavy cloud over what should be a wonderful day; not just because you know that somebody you have invited has potentially been dishonest; but also the embarrassing conversations which come after, where in order to establish the extent of the loss you have to ask each guest if they came with a gift and if so, how much or what it was.

As with most forms of insurance which cover for theft of items; things which are left unsecured and unattended are unfortunately not covered, along with unexplained losses.

Insurance Cover

With the section of cover being free from an excess, it means even the smallest items can be claimed for with a total cover of up to £3,000. We cover cash and money up to £1,500 and £250 for each individual item.

Successful Claims

We have seen successful claims for cases where vouchers and money have been stolen when locked rooms and hotel safes have been broken into. Items have fallen off the table and claims have been made for replacements as the present is damaged beyond repair.

What to do next 

What to do next

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