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Without any doubt, rightly or wrongly, Public Liability insurance is what most people want from their wedding insurance. Generally, this is because it is a requirement of many venues these days and is a condition of hire.

£5,000,000 Public Liability

We provide, as standard, £5,000,000 worth of public liability insurance cover which should be enough to satisfy the concerns of most venues and lasts for the duration of the ceremony and reception. If needed, it can be extended to cover the whole duration of your occupation of your chosen venue(s).

Public Liability Insurance covers two things:

  • Accidental damage to the contents of the venue, or any property not belonging to the bridal party or guests which is proven to have been damaged by the wedding attendees.
  • Bodily injuries as a result of the bridal party’s mismanagement and negligence of the event.

Of the two, the former is the element which attracts venues to want it to be in place.

Worst case of course, you are looking to cover the complete destruction of the venue as a result of the wedding party.

Damage and Cleaning

As a general rule, damage and cleaning as a result of weddings is something which most venues have come to expect. This cover is in place for when the damage proves to be of a significant amount, we would expect claims to be in excess of two hundred and fifty pounds.

Malicious Damage

We do not cover malicious damage; or damage whereby the original cause or person cannot be established. Additionally, if too much alcohol has been consumed and the accident was caused by this, and wouldn’t have occurred if the individual was sober then that too is not covered and the inebriated person should take responsibility.

Furniture, Walls & Carpets

The most common damages which we see arise from damage to furniture in stately home venues, or walls and carpets; generally these are where people have fallen over on to items, knocked them over or from a spillage. We have covered anything from damaged musical instruments damaged belonging to the booked band knocked over by a guest; to damage to a carpet which has needed replacement because a bridesmaid launched nail polish over it.


Injuries caused by our wedding clients are rare, mostly because they are rarely at fault; considering the input of venues; caterers, service staff, bands and professional wedding planners; but there are odd occasions which have in the past fallen under our clients area of responsibility.

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Public Liability Insurance
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