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Even the best laid plans can come unstuck; leading to stress and expense whilst already undertaking the potentially stressful and expensive decision to get married.

This is the area of wedding planning which is so often overlooked; it is the thing which really, nobody wants to think about. However, from our experience it is the most important as we have seen firsthand the benefit of being protected for wedding cancellation.

What is Wedding Cancellation Cover?

Wedding cancellation cover is about getting cover for those unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances which are beyond the control of the bride, groom or their family which threaten or cause the wedding to be cancelled. By that we mean that we cannot cover you if your wedding lacks the 'wow factor’ or isn’t as good as you imagined, but rather the serious and often more distressing events which mean the wedding cannot go ahead in any fashion.

Cancellation Causes

Cancellation causes we have seen have ranged from the disappointing; such as a caterer not turning up; to the absolutely devastating sudden loss of a family member or a serious and upsetting medical prognosis. We have been available to support the families of those affected, whether that be refunding the cost of providing food for the guests or fidning a new caterer at the last minute, to covering the costs to which they were bound into when the wedding cannot go ahead because of bereavement or incapacity.

Wedding Cancellation Claims

  • Rachel contacted us last spring to advise us that her venue had sustained flood damage and would not be able to host their wedding on account of how long it would take them to dry out and then redecorate. Rachel was able to put in a claim for the additional costs of arranging a similar, alternative venue for the same dates which were not covered by her refund.
  • Kim contacted us six months after taking out the policy, in the summer to advise that unfortunately her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and she would not be going ahead the wedding at that time as a result. She cancelled some of her suppliers and services; those from whom Kim couldn’t obtain refunds, or which she was contractually obliged to pay were settled by us.

You can also read Daniel & Jenna’s wedding story on our blog.

Is it a nice thing to think about? No. Is it a necessary thing to think about? In our opinion; yes.

Whatever your budget, or the size of your wedding, it is an additional expense whether you are dreaming of a big white wedding, a swanky and sophisticated ball or a party in a field with friends, a bonfire and a BBQ it still takes a decent chunk of money to do it. Therefore, regardless of your financial circumstances, spending as little as £54, a drop in the ocean compared to the other expenses, could easily be considered a worthwhile expense.

What to do next 

What to do next

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