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You will be covered in the event of the loss or damage to wedding cake, flowers and for wedding transport.

Wedding Cakes

As a section of cover, claims under this policy are rare; although not non-existent.

We offer up to £1,000 worth of cover for cakes.

Again, the majority of problems which could befall a wedding cake will take place whilst it is under the custody and control of the supplier or by the hotel to which it is delivered.

The claims which we do see for wedding cakes most commonly fall under the failure of supplier section when a cake maker goes bust.

We have however had incidents where cakes are delivered to someone’s home address before the wedding rather than the venue, or where the reception venue is not a ‘standard’ venue like a hotel, pub or stately home. It is really only in this scenario where accidental damage to the cake could fall under the care, control and responsibility of the wedding party.

Wedding Flowers

We offer up to £1,000 worth of cover for flowers.

As with the cover for cakes, flower related claims are rare, for the same reasons.

Ultimately, we look to cover accidental damage to the wedding flowers before the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, no cover is in place; this section therefore does not extend to cover any displays which have been organised for the wedding reception.


As far as unexpected, yet common claims go; those under this area are surprisingly high; all be it for low values.

We offer up to £1,000 worth of cover for wedding transport.

Wedding transport not turning up and failing to meet their contractual agreements is a frightening thought; especially for the groom . . . has my fiancé had second thoughts? Do we have a runaway bride? No, the limousine was a no show or, as has also happened, the wedding car has broken down and suddenly the song “Get me to the church on time” begins running round your head on repeat.

In that instant; worst case scenario you have to get a taxi or book an emergency alternative, you can contact us after your wedding to look to submit a claim.

Things which we don’t cover for under this section:

  • your failure to take all reasonable precautions, such as arranging parking or not being on time.
  • wedding transport which doesn’t have the wow factor,
  • or as has been asked of us in the past; if the driver of the vehicle was a speed daemon and made everyone in the car feel ill and unsafe.

We will investigate your claim for you to try to find out what went wrong; and we will look to cover your costs in the event they cannot be recovered from the supplier who has let you down and that the failure was caused through no fault of your own.

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What to do next

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