Band, DJ and Performer's Insurance

Public Liability cover for Bands, DJs or other performers who have been booked to perform at events throughout the UK.

Offering cover for bands, DJs and performers performing at events or whilst practising in preparation.

Band/DJ Insurance

When preparing for a gig, you have a lot to think about. Is your instrument/musical equipment fully tuned and working correctly? Do you know your routine well enough? How will the crowd react? The last thing you want to be worried about is a disaster happening which you were completely unprepared for. That is why at Events Insurance Services we have created a specific Band insurance policy so that you can protect yourself against any public liability, leaving you with the peace of mind needed to put on a great performance.

Your demands and needs 

This product meets the demands and needs of those who wish to insure their performance at an event for public liability.

You should read and check all insurance documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits and other terms that apply to your specific circumstances

Get peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance policies.

We don’t underestimate how one small problem can spiral into a nightmare situation. We really hope your event runs smoothly, but if it doesn’t, make sure you’ve got the correct policy in place.

A policy designed to satisfy the needs of bands, DJs and performers either performing at up to 100 events throughout the year, for as little as £117 or cover for a single performance at £27.