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We live in a digital age and there is so much going on around the world, with the aid of a smartphone, it is easier to stay connected and in the loop than ever before.

The Rise of Youtube Stars at Events

Social media also plays such an active role in our lives with Facebook, Instagram, snapchat,  and pinterest certifying themselves as some of the most popular apps.

New features such as ‘live streaming’ real-time events, and ‘stories’ mean that consumers are able to engage with events from the comfort of their own homes.

One particular outlet that is more popular than ever before is Youtube. After its launch in 2005, Youtube has grown to become the top platform for video sharing.

But what exactly is a Youtuber?

Event organisers are looking at new and innovative ways of expanding their consumer experience beyond the realms of verbal presentations and powerpoints.

Many organisers and planners choose to book personalities and online celebrities to engage their audiences.

‘Youtubers’ are online personalities who have gained fame through sharing videos online.

Topics ‘Youtubers’ cover include beauty, gaming, social commentary, automotives, lifestyle, and sports. Many people, children and adults, look to Youtube stars for tips, aspirational life and beauty inspiration.

In 2018, it was estimated that some Youtube stars earned up to £12.3Million establishing the realm of Youtube as one of the most lucrative outlets in digital media.

Youtube stars have already secured star status, becoming popular personalities and often, the main attraction at events. Not only can they be a great attraction to drive the crowds to your event, but they can also play an important role in becoming an advocate of your event and discuss, promote and generate some buzz about it on their channel.

Youtube stars and your event

Many event organisers are choosing rising Youtube stars to become the main attraction at their events, with a main focus on live question and answer sessions, live streams and meet and greets.

As with any meticulous operation, events require money and time to run smoothly. So, how can you ensure that your costs are covered should something unforeseeable occur at your event that centres around a Youtuber?

Cancellation cover with Event Insurance can cover you for a variety of different eventualities.

So, should your live stream fail, or the keynote speaker is to fall ill unexpectedly, you know that your costs and expenses can be recouped.

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