Making Your Stall Stand Out

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Making your stall stand out can be hard when you’re up against different traders, all with a unique vision.

Making Your Market Stall Stand Out

So, whether you're selling handmade crafts, artisan cupcakes or bric-a-brac, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of things to factor in, when it comes to making market stall traders stand out.


There are a variety of little touches that can go the extra mile in making your stall stand out amongst the others. Handmade signage can be the perfect example. Whether you choose to go for a vinyl banner or a wooden style picket sign, a unique sign with your branding can stick in people's minds for years to come.

If you’re exhibiting at a festival or a wedding fair, a handmade sign can be a great way of getting creative on a budget. Materials are inexpensive and can make all the difference.  

Business Cards

Business cards are also a great way of promoting your business and encourage customers to return time, and time again. Many websites offer templates and designs that look professional and stylish. Make sure to include your contact details such as a telephone number and email address, not to mention any Twitter or Instagram handles.


A website is also an excellent way of showing people the sort of work you do. Whether it’s a more personal blog or something a bit more sophisticated, customers will get a taste for your work and see what other products you offer. Helpful tools such as websites also lead to returning customers and building a strong client base. Through this, people may ask for commissions or compliment your ideas encouraging you to attend more events.

Tidy Stall Area

The practicalities of tending a stall can sometimes be tricky to manage. Make sure your stall is tidy and showcases everything you do in a positive light. Customers will be deterred if they see boxes of leaflets and personal items placed behind your stall in a disorganised fashion.


Market stall accessories are also a great way of making your stand look stylish. Extra lighting, stands and bunting can make you look like the real deal, showing that you have considered the finer details. Why not display leaflets or promotional literature in a stand to promote your business?

If you have a gazebo on your pitch that is 3 x 3 square metres or less, make sure to tidy away any unnecessary wires or ropes to reduce accidents.

Event insurance cover for market traders is an excellent way to ensuring that you’re covered should the unpredictable arise. Public Liability insurance is perfect for those who want to be covered should someone slip, trip or fall at the event, or should there be any accidental damage to the venue.

It is becoming increasingly more common that venues are asking for this type of insurance. So, whether you are looking for cover for a single event or many throughout the year, there are a variety of options available to you.

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