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Bonfire Night, on the 5th of November every year is one of the most popular times for a firework display, with millions of people across the UK expected to gather and celebrate the historic foiling of the Gunpowder plot in 1605.

Making Your Firework Event Stand Out

But what can you do to ensure that you have the ‘wow factor’ making your firework event stand out amongst the rest? 



With any large gathering of people, it is essential to have other elements going on to really make an impact and set your event apart from the rest. 


Hot food and cold food, souvenirs and gifts, games and crafts to name but a few. Why not expand your event beyond the basic parameters of bonfire night into an event for the whole community?


This can be an excellent way of meeting your neighbours and allowing different people to come together to celebrate in style. 


Food vendors will keep your guests happy if the November evening is a little bit colder than perhaps planned. Local artisans and craft traders will also pique the interest of those looking for a little bit more than your standard celebration.




Getting sponsors on board will allow you to elevate your bonfire event and establish that perfect partnership. 


A trusted name can be mutually beneficial and provide the ultimate financial assistance and support to set your event apart from the rest.


Where to start? Why not try making a list of local businesses and professionals who may wish to help you on your way to Guy Fawkes Night. 


Remember to approach your potential sponsors with a clear plan or presentation explaining your intentions. This will speed the process up and reduce the amount of emailing back and forth.

It is important to choose companies that echo your values. A quick internet search will yield results and streamline the process.


Social media 


In 2019, Social media is the ultimate precursor to any successful event, frequently used as a tool to build the hype and to answer any questions before the event takes place. 


Using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as a platform to communicate your brand image is a sure way to determine your success.


Online reputability and brand reputation are crucial when making the best impression possible. If the general public or potential sponsors were looking at your event on social media, what would they see? 


This is your space to show off and show what makes you different. Are you all about family? Is the event for a charity or the local community? Do you have exceptional branding and excellent graphics that really communicate the professionalism of your event?


These essential factors can all be delivered over social media platforms and are easy to run from home or on-the-go. 




Direct plans of action, site plan, insurance? These are all important questions you should be asking on the run-up to your firework event to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. 


With a lot to plan to ensure your event not only has the ‘cutting edge’ but is also safe and secure, a reliable insurance policy can offer peace of mind.

What to do next?


It’s advisable for anyone organising an event involving fireworks takes out the appropriate insurance policy. Our Fireworks Display policies cater for everyone, ranging from schools and sport clubs to larger community and corporate organisations. Click the link to find out more about our Firework Display Insurance.

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