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For many clients that organise or attend multiple events in a year, managing different insurance policies and renewal dates can often be a challenge.

When should I switch from single event policies to an annual policy?

With so many various aspects to factor in, such as locations, attendance, venues and entertainment, why not keep it simple with the Multiple Events Insurance Policy.

If you organise or attend over three events on an annual basis, our Multiple Events Insurance Policy makes life so much easier by covering all your events, under one simple blanket policy. This type of cover offers flexibility allowing you to build a package that reflects your individual needs. So, whether is 15 different community events or 45 concerts, we have you covered!

Cost is always a contributing factor too, and we know that it takes a great deal to make sure your events run as smoothly as they can whilst making sure the budget doesn’t get out of hand. That is why we offer the Multiple Events package at a reduced premium, so the package is as cost effective as it can be. From as little as £160.00 for 15 events per annum and £1,0000 000 Public Liability, this works out at just £10.66 per event.

We have a variety of different cover options available too, to make sure you have peace of mind when your running your events. Cover such as Public Liability ensures that you are protected for eventualities such as accidental bodily injury or third-party property damage. In addition, Employers’ Liability is relevant if you have any volunteers, helpers or employees that are working for you, paid or otherwise, that don’t form part of the organisation committee. We even offer cover for any equipment that you may have hired, borrowed or that you might own for loss, accidental damage or theft.

So, when is it time to switch from a single event policy to an annual cover? The answer is now.

Speak to one of our friendly advisors today to guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can always wait until your renewal date and we can easily convert your One Off Event Policy into an annual Insurance offering you so much more cover, at a highly discounted premium.

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