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When it comes to promoting your event, you want to ensure you have every angle possible covered.

There are various tools online which can be used for research, promotion and increasing the visibility of your event. All of these tools are free so it’s worth taking a look to see how they can help you. 

YouGov Profiles

YouGov Profiles is a great place to do a bit of swotting up on your audience. This tool allows you to search for a brand, product or particular interest (which is related to your brand) and will then show you audience information based on 250,000 YouGov panel members. For example, if your event is a car show, you might want to try searching the Top Gear audience and you will be given information on demographics, interests, media habits and much more! While this data might be quite generic, it can certainly be inspiring! 

Local Press

Most local newspapers will have an events section where you can upload your own event to the public. Wikipedia has a full list of newspapers in the UK, so try to add your event to as many relevant ones as possible. Remember to really sell your event and give all the details such as time, date, location, dress codes, cost etc. as well as your own contact details. 

Event Websites

There are plenty of websites online which will list your event, such as Eventbrite, The List, Yelp, Evvnt and Timeout. The key here is to find event websites which are relevant to the area you operate in. A simple Google search for ‘what’s on in (your area here)’ will most likely come up with an events website for your local area. Add your event details and then move on to the next website. 

Google Analytics

If you have a website, then Google Analytics will be great for measuring how your event affects your onsite engagement. If you have set up a competition page, a game, an information page or have a particular product or service you are promoting at your event, Google Analytics can tell you exactly how engaged your audience are.

Google Analytics allows you to analyse specific pages on your website and can show you how long people spent on the page, how many pages they viewed on site, whether they converted or not etc. All of this data is highly valuable and can be used to measure the success of specific goals relating to your event.