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Armed with Equipment

Make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible by making sure that you have all the equipment needed to succeed.

Did you know that the average budget per event in 2015 was £65,943 - to cover venue hire, F&B, AV & equipment hire, marketing, the event programme, tools & technology, printed materials, video and photography, insurance, security and event staff.

What equipment do you need for the event?

Depending on your event, you may just need a few pieces of equipment, or several. Writing a list of the activities that will be held and what you need for them will bring the equipment needed together.

Do you need to hire equipment?

Unless you are confident you will be using equipment enough to get your money’s worth, it will be financially beneficial to hire sporting equipment, rather than buying it. Sporting equipment can become very costly if they are being used on a large scale. There are several benefits to hiring sports equipment rather than buying it:

Access to the highest specification equipment

When hiring sporting equipment you can choose from the leading brands, safe in the knowledge the products are clean and in good condition.

Cost effective

Equipment is expensive to buy, as is maintaining the equipment. You also don’t have to store them until the next event.

Time effective

Hire companies check the equipment for you so you don’t have to check everything yourself. It is advisable however to spot-check some of the equipment for your peace of mind.

Avoiding obsolescence

Sporting equipment doesn’t evolve too often, but continually new materials are being used to make sports easier to play. Hiring ensures access to the latest brands and technologies.

Meeting demands

If you buy the equipment for one event, then have another which has less demand, you’ll immediately have too much equipment which may not be cost effective. Hiring sporting equipment allows you to get the correct amount for your event.

Does equipment need insuring?

When using equipment, especially hire equipment that doesn’t belong to you it is important to get insurance for it.  Guests are usually respectful of event equipment, however sometimes accidents will happen, which you would be responsible for. Insurance for your sporting equipment will give you peace of mind that you’re covered should anything go wrong.

How and when should you get the equipment and return it?

Where possible, getting the equipment (or at least viewing it) a few days before the event will allow you time to check it and order more if necessary, so you can concentrate on other priorities on the day before.

Many businesses will also deliver the equipment and can set it up to so you don’t need to hire additional transportation to move the equipment to and from the venue.

Top Tip

If buying or hiring it would be beneficial to talk to your supplier for their recommendations, just in case you’ve missed something.