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A comprehensive event insurance policy for event organisers running more than 3 events over a year

We want to take the hassle out of insuring your events and benefit from out discounted Multiple Event insurance premiums, so you can focus on the smooth running of your events, not the unforeseeable mishaps.



Multiple Events Insurance

Our Multple Events insurance policy has two tiers; one to cover up to 45 events per year and one to cover up to 15 events. Both policies cover Public Liability (up to £10 million) and Employer’s Liability (up to £10 million). It can even cover the equipment used at each event, for your peace of mind.


What is provided with a Multiple Events policy?

This policy provides you with the flexibility to cover each of your individual events (up to 3 consecutive days per event) under one simple scheme. It is possible for us to cover events that are longer than 3 days, and you can get in contact with us to discuss your specific requirements. This policy is ideal for those who are either organising or attending up to 45 different UK-based events in a year.

We appreciate that organising multiple events can be expensive, whist is why we offer discounted premiums with our Multiple Events insurance policies – it’s the least we can do.


With cover for up to 100 events, our Multiple Events policy offers you discounted rate if you're running more than 3 events over the year.
Why use Events Insurance Services? - Reliable Insurance cover - Premiums tailored to a wide variety of events - 24 hour turnaround time

Multiple Events insurance cover options include:

  • Public Liability
  • Employers' Liability
  • Event Equipment 
  • Cancellation (on a per event basis)
  • Flexible extensions to attendance (on a per event basis)
  • Flexible extensions to sums insured (on a per event basis)