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Whether you are looking for food vendor insurance for a weekend festival, want to cover your street food stall for one day or regularly sell food at multiple events across the year, then you’ve come to the right place for your food vendor insurance.

We can offer several cover options under our hot food policy.

Our four key covers are Public Liability, Employers Liability, Event Equipment Insurance and Event Cancellation Insurance.

Each of these can cover various problems which could occur if you are attending and/or organising events as a food vendor.

The Single Event policy covers up to 4 consecutive days at a single event.

The Multiple Event policy comes in two standard packages; up to 15 events and up to 45 events. Each event can last up to 3 consecutive days (that includes your setup/takedown days as well as your open days).

Our multiple event policy is flexible; individual events can be extended as required to provide a truly bespoke policy.

Public Liability Insurance for Food Vendors

Public liability insurance is our most requested cover. It is a cover often taken out to satisfy the needs of your venue, the event organiser or a local authority and acts as a precautionary measure in the event an incident occurs which results in a claim being made against you.

What we cover

Under our public liability insurance for food vendors, we cover accidental bodily injury which occurs to a member of the public, or accidental damage to third party property, if it is proven to be as a result of your negligence in connection with events which you organise, and/or events which you may be attending, for example as a third party food vendor.   

The policy will respond to pay damages, claimants costs and expenses as well as offering defence costs. 

Public liability can be in place when you are setting up and have taken occupation of your venue or area, as well as when the event is open to the public.

Things we don’t cover

  • Property damage claims which are under £250, as this is the excess of the policy.
  • Damage or injuries which arise out of a deliberate act, vandalism or is malicious in nature
  • Damage to flooring (other than carpeting), the ground or underground services.
  • Damage or injuries arising out of activities which we would consider dangerous; these are things like using of vehicles, inflatables, fun fair rides, fireworks, or the use of projectiles. Our hot food policy does not cover food vans or trucks.
  • Events which do not take place within the United Kingdom.


Employers Liability for Food Vendors

This is an often overlooked level of cover. Employer’s liability is potentially relevant if you have any staff, volunteers, or general helpers working on your food stall.

What we cover

Under our employers liability policy, we provide cover for your legal liability to pay damages, claimant’s costs and expenses which arise as a result of an injury to anyone you employ at your event including temporary staff, volunteers or helpers. It doesn’t matter whether they are paid or unpaid however, they must be under your control and supervision at the time they sustain an injury.

Things we don’t cover

  • Any liability in respect of, or arising from a road traffic accidents.
  • The employees of any professional contractor or sub-contractor whose services you are employing; the company you are hiring should have their own cover in place. For example, professional security services, third party caterers or first aiders.
  • Events which take place outside of the UK.


Event Equipment Insurance for Food Vendors

Event equipment relates to items which you are bringing to or hiring for the event which do not come as part of the fixtures or fittings of the venue. This is most commonly going to be your stand/food stall,your food and your serving/cooking equipment.

What we cover

Our cover provides accidental damage, loss or theft cover for the stock, stall and additional event equipment you are legally responsible for (i.e. hired, leased or owned) throughout the duration of the event.

When it comes to stock, we will cover the wholesale cost of the items, not the RRP.  We are not able to cover for any wastage costs if food goes uneaten or has not been stored or prepared correctly.

Things we don’t cover

  • Losses where the repair or replacement of the equipment is under £250 because this is the excess of the policy.
  • Theft where there is no forcible or violent entry or exit from any site; or where items have been left unattended and unsecured.
  • Wear and Tear, damage over time and issues from climactic conditions like damp or frost.
  • Event equipment in storage, when not being used for an event.


If you are ever unsure about the coverage of the policy you can give us a call to discuss if your event or activity is something we can insure.

We can also look to offer our event cancellation cover, on an event by event basis should an event be costly to run. Please ask us for details about this.

Our policy wording also details all our exclusions and what we mean by certain terms. It is important that you read this before you opt to take out food vendor insurance with us to ensure that you are adequately covered for your event and that our insurance for food vendors policy meets your needs.

To get a quote tailored to your needs, fill in our quick online form and you will receive an instant quote online. Alternatively get in contact on 01425 484860 and you’ll be able to speak directly to one of our UK-based underwriters. No call centres, just professional expertise and an in-house claim handling team.