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What we offer

Our Prize Indemnity insurance may not be an every-day type of cover, or something many people are familiar with.

The key function of Prize Indemnity is to insure against a prize being run as part of a completion. The two types of competition we can cover are Hole in One and a Roll a Dice

What we cover

We can cover prizes up to a value of £50,000 on a Hole in One competition, looking to cover the reimbursement of the agreed prize, should it be won.  

In addition to covering the main prize, we are also able to offer options for re-instatement of a 2nd prize if the original prize is won early in the competition.

Cover for up to three ancillary prizes valued at £250, £100 and £50, on three additional, separate holes to the main prize hole.

Things we don’t cover

  • Claims where the winner has not been listed as a participant of the competition.
  • Claims where the hole has not been correctly adjudicated.
  • Where a Hole in One is has been achieved on another, non-agreed hole on the course.
  • The insured hole is less than 135.
  • If the winner is or was a tour or course professional player.

If you are ever unsure about the coverage of the policy you can give us a call to discuss if your event or activity is something we can insure.

Our Policy wording also details all our exclusions and what we mean by certain terms. It is important that you read this before you opt to take out insurance with us to ensure that you are adequately covered for your event and that our insurance policy meetings your needs.