Charity Event Ideas for Schools

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Looking for charity event ideas for your school? Check out our list of fun and effective ways to raise money and awareness for a good cause.

Charity Event Ideas for Schools

As schools continually strive to make a positive impact on their communities, organising charity events can be a popular and effective way to engage students in meaningful, philanthropic activities while raising money for a good cause.

Charity and fundraising event ideas for schools

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of fundraising ideas for schools, ranging from easy and low-cost to more elaborate and ambitious, but they all have one thing in common: they are a great way to raise money and awareness for charities close to people’s hearts.

1.Sponsored silence

A sponsored silence involves staying silent for a set period of time. Pupils can collect pledges from their family, friends and neighbours for every hour or minute they stay silent. Rules or penalties can also be implemented, such as using sign language, wearing a funny costume or paying a fine for breaking the silence.

2.Non uniform day

Always a popular option, non-uniform days are a chance for pupils to come into school in their own clothes instead of their usual uniform in exchange for a small donation. To add something a little more fun to the occasion, the school could consider fancy dress or request that students wear a certain colour, such as pink in honour of breast cancer research.


A read-a-thon involves reading as many books as possible in a set period of time. Pupils can receive pledges or donations for every book they read. Goals or incentives can be included, such as reading different genres, authors or topics, or rewarding the most avid readers with prizes or certificates. An added bonus of a read-a-thon is it can encourage and promote literacy among students.

4.Car wash

A car wash fundraiser is a great way to connect with the school and community while having some fun. Find a suitable spot on or near the school premises and offer to wash cars for a fixed price or a voluntary donation. Extra services like vacuuming or polishing could also be provided for an additional charge. To maximise fundraising potential, ask local businesses to support the event by making a donation or offering sponsorship.

5.Fun run

Participating in a sponsored fun run provides pupils and school staff with an exciting opportunity to raise money while staying active and getting out in the fresh air. Friends, family or colleagues can sponsor participants and the event can be enhanced by running in costumes, wigs or hats or using coloured powder. The local community can be invited to cheer on the runners along the way.

6.Battle of the bands

Battle of the bands is a fundraising event that showcases the diverse musical talents of pupils and encourages camaraderie among participants. Parents, governors and members of the community can be charged an entrance fee to come and watch, while an interval raffle draw can help raise even more money. Local businesses can also be approached to donate prizes or equipment. This sort of event can take a lot of organisation and preparation but is also one of the most entertaining ways of raising money for a great cause.

7.Bake sale

A bake sale is a simple and fun way for a school to raise money for charity. Pupils, teachers and parents can bake and donate delicious treats, such as cakes, biscuits or pies which can be sold to other students and staff during lunchtime or after school. The event could have a theme, depending on the charity, such as red nose icing designs for Comic Relief.

8.Jumble sale

A low-cost and eco-friendly event that encourages pupils, teachers and parents to donate and buy unwanted items, such as clothes, books, toys and household goods. Jumble sales can attract many visitors from the local community who are looking for bargains and wish to support a good cause. They can also be a great way to teach students valuable skills, such as organisation, teamwork and customer service.

9.Penny wars

This activity challenges each class to either collect more pennies or 2 pence pieces than the other classes in a given timeframe or fill a jar with coins the quickest. The winning class receives a small prize, while the proceeds are donated to the chosen charity. This event not only promotes teamwork and a healthy sense of competition among students but also instils a sense of responsibility and camaraderie.

10.Movie night

Movie nights are a fun and relaxing way to enjoy a film while supporting a good cause. These sort of events are usually simple and low-cost to organise, especially if the school has the necessary venue and equipment. More money can be raised by selling snacks and drinks to students during the movie.

Thinking of holding a school charity event? 

These are just some of the charity event ideas for schools that can help raise money for a good cause. Whether it’s a simple bake sale or an exciting battle of the bands contest, organising a charity event can be a rewarding and educational experience for both pupils and school staff alike. Not only can they raise funds and awareness for a worthy cause, but they can also have fun, learn new skills and strengthen their sense of community.

If you’re planning a charity event for your school, it’s important to check that the school’s existing public liability insurance will cover the chosen activities and provide protection for event organisers using the school premises for fundraising activities. For peace of mind, the individual or the school may wish to take out a one off insurance policy to ensure the event and all parties involved are covered.

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