Virtual Events to Enjoy at Home

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With the restrictions still in place across the UK, organisers are looking for new ways to bring the events to you at home. We explore some of the virtual events that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Events to Enjoy at Home

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

The iconic RHS Chelsea Flower Show was sadly cancelled for the first time since World War 2. The show is a beautiful and vibrant affair with people coming from near and far to enjoy the wide variety of flowers and plants that are on show. 

Not only a great place to see some spectacular flowers, but the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is also a great place to spot some big named celebrities who are walking around stopping to smell the roses, and if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the Queen who usually attends most years! 

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, The RHS Chelsea Flower Show has now organised an alternative virtual event that can be viewed at home. The virtual edition won’t be quite as spectacular as the sights, smells and sounds will be absent for a virtual event. However, it will provides viewers the opportunity to take some virtual tours of some award winning nurseries that are in full bloom, brining some inspiration and ideas to plan your own garden, as well as receive some fantastic planting tips from experts in the gardening world to help you get things right.

Royal Albert Hall

For the music lovers, The Royal Albert Hall – yes that’s correct, The Royal Albert Hall – will be hosting a number of exclusive performances that can be viewed at home. Artists will be setting up and performing from the comfort of there homes and directly into yours.

The Royal Albert Hall is well known for its stunning building and fantastic array of artists who delight the ears of audiences. Although viewers will not be sitting in the impressive venue, there are some great events lined up such as an Opera for Kids with Maciek O'Shea, as well as popular artists such are Scouting for Girls, Imogen Heap and Kaiser Chiefs to look forward to, and all for free! Viewers are also able to make a donation for the events that will go directly to the hall.

Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz

If you enjoy something to get the cogs in the brain turning, Jay’s Virtual Pub Quiz might be just right thing for you.

Jay Flynn, from Darwen, Lancashire, originally set up the quiz to be run every Thursday through Facebook and YouTube to “lift a few local people’s spirits”.

The quiz has become extremely popular with hundreds of thousands of households watching together and taking part in the quiz whilst also raising money for charities. Jay's quiz has raised more than £140,000 for Alzheimer's Research UK and over £300,000 for other charities during the last seven weeks that it has been running.

The quiz has attracted some big-name celebrities, such as Gary Barlow and Steven Fry, who have provided some fantastic entertainment for the viewers. They have even broken a Guinness World Record after pulling in 180,000 players in a single night!

The quiz runs every Thursday at 7:50pm, with also a kid’s quiz taking place on a Monday at 10:30 am, as well as running a variety of other specialist quizzes throughout the week.  


Virtual Beer Tasting

With the weather heating up now, we would usually see beer festivals popping up all over the country to quench the thirst of beer lovers.  With the restrictions that are in place, many people will also be wishing they could be experiencing new and exciting beers down at their regular with friends. To provide an alternative, Beer Festival Organisers are now bringing some interesting beers that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own living room

Beer enthusiasts now have a variety of digital festivals that they can now choose from that will deliver a variety of beers straight to your doorstep. This allows those taking part to  sit down with friends on Zoom and catch up together, whilst streaming the festival in the background, and enjoy some interesting and unique beers together and hopefully bring a bit of that festival atmosphere to your own home.

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