Planning Ahead for 2021

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As most people know, meticulous planning and preparation is the key to success, and with more free time on your hands than usual, why not channel your time into making your 2021 events better than ever.

Planning Ahead for 2021

Don’t let your hard work go to waste

Whatever the type of event you are planning, don’t let your hard work go to waste by resorting to cancellation. There are many practical steps you can take to ensure the show goes on, whatever the weather. 

Amendments free of charge 

Our policies are fully adaptable and can be adjusted to reflect any new arrangements you may have, moving forward. 

We will work with you to ensure your policy is watertight and carries the vision you have for your perfect event into 2021. 

Whether it’s honing in your current vision, or incorporating new ideas, we are able to work with you to make the necessary amendments to your current policy.  


If your event is unable to go ahead at the time you planned for, postponement can offer you the time you may have not had before to expand on your vision.

Rescheduling can also offer much needed breathing space which will enable you to make good decisions without the pressure.

Communication with suppliers

Throughout testing times, it is crucial that as an event organiser, you stay in close communication with your suppliers at all times. 

Small businesses will undoubtedly be affected by economic struggle, and many will suffer as a result of cancellations and reduced business. 

We know that it can be incredibly hard to secure the perfect supplier for an important event. The process can take a lot of time, research and trials to make sure the chemistry is there for an important working relationship.

Many suppliers will be happy to delay their services to a time that suits you, which is a positive solution for both parties.

If you have any questions with regards to taking out a policy with us, or are wanting to make changes to an existing policy, you can get in contact with one of the Event Insurance Services customer service team via email at or on the telephone on 01425 470360.

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