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With the Coronavirus making headlines across the world, we wanted to provide event organisers some key information in relation to some of our insurance policies, as well as some things you can do as an event organiser to raise awareness and reduce the risk of the virus spreading

Information about Coronavirus and Insurance for Events

Coronavirus and Event Insurance Cover

Due to the outbreak being a known and current risk, we unfortunately are not able to offer cover to include ‘Coronavirus’ for the foreseeable.

This would typically be excluded under all standard Event Cancellation policies, however would be included under a “Communicable Disease” cover extension and the policy being taken out prior to the known outbreak.

Looking forward, we are able to continue to offer “Communicable Disease” cover as an optional extension, however this would automatically exclude Coronavirus.

Coronavirus and Non-Appearance Cover

If you have already taken out one of our Non-Appearance extension with our policy, cover that provides protection should a delegate or speaker or DJ for example, be unable to attend the event, if they are unable to make it due to coronavirus, whether this is a cancelled flight, or being unwell themselves, your Non-Appearance extension will still provide you cover.

Coronavirus and Wedding Insurance

Coronavirus is covered under our policy for weddings, as long as there are no pre-existing conditions prior to a policy being taken out. Just because there is the virus is in the UK, wedding couples are still able to take out a policy out and we would look to provide cover for the Coronavirus.

Our insurance would look to provide cover to wedding couples who have incepted a policy with us, then get Coronavirus and have to cancel their wedding.

However, our wedding Insurance policy will not provide cover couples who are taking out a new policy because they are aware that they, or key member of their wedding party has already got coronavirus and they are worried about the wedding being cancelled and/or other members of the wedding party being affected.

We would also not be able to provide cover to couples taking out a new policy because they have heard their venue has gone into quarantine because a staff member at the hotel has coronavirus.

Planning and Raising Awareness

As an event organiser, there are some key things you could do at your event to raise awareness and encourage those attending to be mindful of the virus.

Promote good hygiene practices to those attending and provide alcohol-based hand sanitisers around the event, with clear signage to encourage people to use them

Provide those attending your event with pre-event information about the virus, advice on what they can do, or advise people not to attend your event if they are unwell or have been in contact with those who have been unwell

Put plans in place if anyone shows symptoms at your event. If you have a medical provider in place, discuss any steps you/they will take to help isolate those who are showing clear symptoms whilst at the event

The World Health Organisation provides some helpful information on the various basic protective measures that can be implemented, as well as some useful visual posters that could be put up at events. You can find out more information here.

Keeping Updated on the Coronavirus

You can keep updated on the Coronavirus through the UK government’s website. Here you can find more information that it is for the public and provides more details on the outbreak of coronavirus, including the current situation in the UK and information about the virus and its symptoms.

We hope this provides you with some useful information on some steps you can take, as well as provide some key details of how it effects our insurance and policies, whether you have a policy already in place or looking to take one out.

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