What to ask your wedding venue?

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Picking your venue is always going to be a hard task, imagining what the location will look like on your big day filled with your family and friends. Does the place have its own in-house caterer and does it fit the aesthetic that you always dreamed of.

Top 5 things couples should be asking wedding venues

That’s why we have compiled the perfect list of key things to ask your venue in the run up to your big day

1. Capacity

When thinking about your big day the first question you should be asking yourself is capacity, and how many people you would like present at your wedding?

If you are looking to hold your reception, ceremony or both options at one venue there is very possibility that there will be limitations of the number of guests you can have in attendance on the day.

It is a good idea to think about who you would like to be present at your ceremony and reception, as these might differ. Family, friends, work colleagues and extended family are all possibilities, make sure you think this through before discussing.

2. What is the availability of the venue?

Would you like to get married in spring, summer, autumn or winter? Will you have to secure the place years in advance or is their policy considerably more lax?

Usually, most wedding venues have a co-ordinator that can walk you through the process and help you to select the perfect time of year. But It is also important that you have an idea in mind before you set your sites on the perfect place.

Some venues are considerably more DIY and might not offer all of the fixtures, fittings and details that you usually get a solely ‘wedding venue’. In cases like this, it can be a great idea to talk to family and friends and get an idea about what is right for you.

3. Does the venue have recommended suppliers or an in-house caterer?

It is fairly common or venues to strike up strong working relationships with caterers and suppliers particularly if they are in isolated places like small villages or hamlets.

Your venue can talk you through their preferred suppliers and explain some of the services they offer.

Do your guests have special dietary requirements such as veganism, vegetarianism, nut allergies, and coeliac or lactose intolerance? These are all important points to discuss with your venue.

There also might be limitations with the venue in terms of furniture and decorations. If you’re looking to have your own suppliers on your special day, make sure you discuss this with your venue so you can make sure everything runs like clockwork.

4. Is there parking for guests at the venue?

This point might seem like it’s the last thing on your mind but is massively important to consider when discussing plans with your venue.

Whether there is overnight accomodation at the venue or not it is important because many guests will be coming from far and wide.

If parking is not available, many wedding parties arrange coaches or minibuses that drop you to the door of the venue. This can be a great alternative to finding alternative parking a mile away.

5. Do I need insurance?

The most important thing to remember is to ask the venue is whether you need insurance for the big day.

Many venues stipulate this request in their T&C’s and will be happy to talk you through the process and their recommended suppliers.

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